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Minamina Goodsong releases 4th Album "The Four Farmer Circus"

ArcTheFinger Records recording artist Minamina Goodsong releases their 4th full length album "The Four Farmer Circus" through Redeye distribution on August 9th, 2005

Atlanta, Ga (PRWEB) August 10, 2005 -- Minamina Goodsong (Mnah-mnah, not meena meena, the crew thats known to quench your thirst like Orangina ) the ATL independent Hip-hop behemoth comprised of DJ TChalla and MCs Adahma AD, Twain (aka Ted Jon), and Pgnut The Prehistoric, continue to build their name through charismatic, hyper-kinetic live performances and a mercurial style of writing, rhyming and producing. Theyre a college radio favorite, have been a featured act on Atlanta commercial radio giant 99.xs morning show, earned numerous press write-ups and landed on bills with major-label acts ranging from The Streets to Run DMC. Minaminas instrumental tracks have been used in programming on MTV and Fox Sports, as well as on the Cartoon Networks cult smash Adult Swim programming block. So far this year, the MG crew has performed in several key US markets, including Chicago and New York City in April they headlined the final night of the A3C Independent Hip-hop Festival in Atlanta, and in August will do an east coast run with the Vans Warped Tours Code of tha Cutz (COTC) stage. In addition to Minaminas performances, COTC will be joined by nationally touring underground Hip-hop artists such as Definitive Jux Records artist Hangar 18. On August 11th Minamina will return home to Atlanta to perform at the Atlantis Music Conference before hitting the road for the second leg of the 2005 tour.

Thanks to RedEye Distribution and Atlanta indie Hip-hop label ArcTheFinger Records, Four Farmer Circus, (4FC) the fourth and most ambitious full-length MG album, will be available nationally in Tower Records, Virgin Megastores, Borders Books and music as well as numerous independent record stores on August 9th 2005. A fearless composite of tones and styles, 4FC is built around the concept of a late-late show horror movie. Through a series of skits that tie in with the songs, the album takes the listener through a twisted evening at the traveling Four Farmer Circus. The four members of Minamina transform into demonic alter-egos to prey on innocent victims in the towns they visit. The record draws as much from comic books and emo-core records as it does from house, funk and other more traditional Hip-hop influences. Cartoonist Tyson McAdoo (www.tysonmcadoo.com) whose body of work includes several cover-art pieces for legendary DC and Marvel Comics series, including The Punisher, Superman and Batman, provides album artwork consistent with the musics demented yet oddly lighthearted feel.

Pre-release critical feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Big, the first 12-inch single cut from 4FC, is already finding its way into heavy rotation on college radio stations across the US. As a bonus to Minamina fans across the country, ArcTheFinger will also release the first three Minamina albums (Time For Breakfast, Snatch Grab I Love You and The Transcendental Game of Zen) through RedEye on August 9th.

Brian Knott

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