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Mr. Del: The Future Debut Album Release, Distributed WorldWide by EMI Gospel, Earns 4 out of 5 Stars

Knockin It out the park! Mr. Del hits a Grand-Slam with his August 2, 2005 debut album release titled The Future, earning 4 out 5 stars.

(PRWEB) August 1, 2005 -- Knockin It out the park! Mr. Del hits a Grand-Slam with his August 2, 2005 debut album release, titled The Future. Mr. Del (formerly of Gangsta Rappers Three6Mafia), now a Memphis Preacher, starts off with probably one of the grittiest Christian rap songs ever made-TEMPTATIONZ, where he and his crew illustrate, in ear-poppin and what will probably be seen as somewhat controversial street vernacular, the struggles of dealing with the daily allures and temptations of life (sex, drugs, alcohol, violence) and no stone of temptation is left unturned and then it's quickly time to get mad Crunk on the track-HOLY SOUTH, followed by two sure Chart-Makers CALM DOWN, where Mr. Del and Canton Jones put the smack down on all 'Haters, Pimps, Tricks, Gangstaz, Simps and Hustlers' with a catchy message to Relax, Chill and Calm Down. Mr. Del shows his versatility and debut rapper 'S.Dot Fox' raps that "Traditional Church betta wake up and reach the streets" in an eloquent tone that will surely raise even Jay-Z's eyebrow with a catchy cross-over track-SO NECESSARY.

Warning: Mr. Del's: The Future is not for the faint at heart, will probably shake-up the traditionally, close-minded conservative Christian community and surprisingly for a Christian preacher, there are no sugar-coated candy lyrics. Mr. Del simply tells it like it is and there has never been such an in-your-face, straight-talking Gospel CD ever made like this one. Mr. Del amazingly raps in the language of the streets without one curse word and somehow manages to still lay it down hard with piercing lyrics and speaker bustin beats. Mr. Del has turned his life around and is no longer Tearin Da Club up with Three6Mafia, which is why I give his album ****Four Stars out of Five and give it an Amen. Mr. Del and his Holy South Christian army are raising the bar with solid lyrics and flawless production and Hip-Hop headz betta recognize before they are left behind.

By: Terrance Walker, Hip-Hop Music Insider

To Hear Mr. Del's Single: 'Calm Down': Go to EverybodyCalmDown.com: http://www.EverybodyCalmDown.com

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