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The multi-talented artist, behind the success of smash hits like Mis Ojos Lloran Por Ti, arrives with a full album of surprises - diverse fusions of Reggeton with other sounds, including Mariachi, Merengue and Bachata

Miami, FL- August 23rd, 2005- Big Boy, one of the pioneers of the underground movement- known, today as Reggeton, as well as one of the most successful artists in its genre; returns to his musical realm with the launching of his new album El Comeback- his first for the independent label- The Roof Records.

El Comeback, available August 30th, in the United States and Puerto Rico, is a super production that contains 16 tracks; all written by the talented rapper, himself- each one undeniably touched with the musical magic that is Big Boy.

His unparalleled style of rapping and improvising, combined with the talent of top notch producers, such as Echo, Rafy Mercenario, DJ Blass, DJ Frank, David Durn, Sosa and Kenny Santiago, makes this album one of the most highly anticipated, as a new release.

Fusions of Reggeton with Mariachi, Bachata and Merengue, are sure to secure Big Boys reputation as an innovator in the Reggeton movement. Tracks like Ihaa! and Bailalo- featuring rapper Lenox- stand out as promotional singles. Another superb track is the duet- No Llores Ms, with Vasty, considered by the artist as the second installation to his smash hit Mis Ojos Lloran Por Ti.

El Comeback represents a new stage in the musical evolution of Big Boy, demonstrating why he has maintained himself as a favorite among an entire generation, and one of the most talented artists in Latin urban music.

El Comeback, on sale- August 30th, is a production of The Roof Records, the independent urban music label, distributed by Universal Music Latino.

About The Roof Records:

The independent label The Roof Records is dedicated to the development, marketing and promotion of new musical fusions and rhythms that comprise of Latin urban music. The label is home to new talents; and of artists recognized and established in this musical genre, including the talented rapper- Big Boy; Reggeton trio- Trivales; Puerto Rican female rapper- Jacquie; Panamanian-Canadian artist-Fito Blanko; Dominican rapper- Charlie Valens; Bachata band- Toque DKeda; Panamanian artists Goodfellas and Aldo Ranks; and New York rapper- Don Heightz. The Roof Records is an affiliate record label of the Perfect Image Group, an award-winning media, marketing, and production group of companies, that is credited for defining and giving a voice to Urban Latin youth culture in the United States and Latin America. Perfect Image is also the creator of the highly successful television program The Roof. The company maintains its main offices in Miami, FL; and is distributed by different multi-national companies.


To request pictures or information, please contact:

Danixa Lopez
Director of Marketing
The Roof Records
(O) 305-593-1916 x. 215
(C) 305-467-5592
(E) dlopez@theroofrecords.com
2638 NW 97th Ave.
Miami, FL 33172

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