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Music Plus TV's Hip Hop Show Will Host Blood of Abraham on Live Broadcast

LOS ANGELES, CAMusic Plus TV video jockeys Khalel Bishop and Nan Khan will host their hip hop show Urban Rootz this Friday with a little more political and social consciousness than usual. Benyad and Mazik of Blood of Abraham, a politically edgy hip hop duo from LA, is scheduled to appear on their show for a guest interview and performance.

"We want to spark awareness in people, about where they live and whats going on," said Benyad of their music.

While it remains to be seen what type ofawareness Blood of Abraham will raise for Music Plus TV viewers, the duo maintains a concern for the general lack of consciousness in hip hop, and has covered issues in their music and past interviews ranging from overconsumerism in capitalist societies to mutual regard for different cultures and religions. They cite pre-Christian world history, Egyptology, and filmmaker Stanley Kubrick as some of their major influences.

Urban Rootz is on Music Plus TVs live Internet TV channel weekdays at 6 p.m. Pacific Time. Blood of Abraham will appear on the show this Friday, August 19th.

FOR: Music Plus TV, 517 North Alvarado, Los Angeles, CA 90026

CONTACT: Jeanette Issa, Public Relations Director, 310-429-7863, jeanette@musicplustv.com

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