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MVP, Spanish Kid and UnF8abo Breaking Down Industry Walls with Nu'Vol Gospel Rap

U'Expres'Sion LLC, a book and music publishing, promotion and distribution company announces the newest and hottest Gospel Rap Artists breaking down walls with innovative beats, music, and breakthrough words of deliverance. MVP, Spanish Kid, and UnF8abo, like their names, their new CD releases cannot be duplicated or matched. It is a Fo'Sho' triple, power-pack release of "true" ministry to the churched and the unchurched. We are looking for these releases to be in stores nationwide by the end of 2005. Until then you can find them on-line in several gospel stores (i.e. HolyHipHop.com, UExpresSion, Divine Flava Records). Knock on those retailers doors and let them know "you need to stock" MVP, Spanish Kid, and UnF8abo here.

Fountain Springs, Colorado (PRWEB) August 22, 2005 -- UExpresSion LLC announces the new CD power trio MVP, "Triple Impact" Spanish Kid, "Tha Dog is Out" and UnF8abo, "Stream Of Reflections". These gospel rap artsists are reaching beyond the norm for Gospel and Holy Hip Hop. They are part of an innovative record label, Divine Flava Records, where gospel rap is designed and produced to break down industry walls.

All these artists have unique approaches to the issues facing youth, young adults, adults, parents, children, and the church. MVP, Spanish Kid, and UnF8abo all have their own progressive and unique style of music, beats and messages.

Although their backgrounds read like, "How did you make it?" their messages sound like warrior calls for change in the lives of those that need to know, "They are royal, chosen, and pre-destined for greatness".

When you listen to MVP, Triple Impact, you hear the KRUNK message of true soldier that knows the beat of the street, the heart of the community and the needs of his audience. You hear the heart of artist and minister that is passionate about success and deliverance.

On the other hand, Spanish Kid, "Tha Dog is Out" is as RADICAL as his CD title. The title eludes to the times but the beats and the words speak of a timeless message of known power and warrior victory in Christ Jesus.

Then we have, "Speak the Word, UnF8abo", who reaches back into the original, "back in the day" scene, and brings you a new wave of breakthrough power that you just have to stand still to listen to.

All of this style can only be called, "NU'Vol". What's that? The new sound of gospel rap where beats are not borrowed, copied or duplicated. It is the place, time, and purpose of gospel artists who are turning up the volume in the rap industry and breaking down the walls of rap tradition. It is moving, it is reaching and it is an excellent work.

You will see these artists traveling the country to demonstrate the breakthrough power of their music, beats and words of deliverance. We are looking forward to seeing MVP, Spanish Kid and UnF8abo at the next Gospel Music and Holy Hip Hop Awards in 2006.

U'Expres'Sion is a book and music publishing company always looking for way to engage radical artists in the book and music publishing industry. We are a company that sets standards of excellence, strategies that increase marketability, and service that is designed for success.

Join us in celebrating the CD releases of MVP, "Triple Impact," Spanish Kid, "Tha Dog is Out", and UnF8abo, "Stream Of Reflections" and remember when you hear "Nu'Vol", it means MVP, Spanish Kid and UnF8abo are on the scene.

# # #

Valerie Smith

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