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QUICK II BLAST, who is QUICK II BLAST? Well with his latest release of "WE AINT PLAYIN he has everyone asking the same question. Who is he? He is currently putting the final touches on his new album entitled; "TRYING TO GET A MEAL. He has hit the underground scene hard and has everyone in the clubs going wild about his fire beats and tight lyrics. His latest single, WE AINT PLAYIN, which features an intro from comedian TINY from BET s Comin To The Stage, is getting more and more attention in clubs, and on the streets, throughout the south region. QUICK II BLAST , not only an artist, but a producer that is bringing new beats and fire lyrics to the streets, as well as a new voice to the music industry.

Independently, QUICK II BLAST has dropped his first single in the south region and has gained great recognition in just two months. Acclaimed as one of the Souths Hottest Artists On The Brink in May 2005 during the T3 (THE THIRD THURSDAY NEW ARTISTS SHOWCASE) in Anniston, Al, and hailed as the best-kept secret on Alabamas indie hip-hop scene, Also on June 16th, 2005, he was voted producer of the month by BAMA HIP HOP NETWORK (http://bamahiphop.homestead.com). QUICK II BLAST is arguably the most gifted and critically well-received rap artist in years. Gritty and raw yet intelligently artistic, QUICK II BLAST debut single WE AINT PLAYIN includes realism and real commitment towards great music.

It is a rare thing when an artist can take on life and make it one of the true voices for rap music. The second single ON DA GRIND deals with a real life situation and all of its consequences, and moments of exhilaration and misery. This talented artist will grip you with his stage presence and performance. The powerful lyrics give you an introduction to the skills of QUICK II BLAST. On the music side WE AINT PLAYIN was produced by QUICK II BLAST as well. The debut single release is sure to set the industry abuzz and take the game back to the streets.

QUICK II BLAST is on the verge of getting his piece of the rap game, and becoming a household name in the music industry. He's the type of artist that you would never forget once you've met him, heard him, and seen him perform.

For Immediate Release Contact: JOHN THOMPSON
(678)485-2844 OR 1-240-248-4306
Email: truestreetpromo@hotmail.com

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