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NY Rap MC Doncarlo Releases 'Welcome 2 Brooklyn'

After many struggles in his life, NY Rap MC Doncarlo releases his CD 'Welcome 2 Brooklyn' . Real spit from someone who lived it.

TLA-PROnline.com Press Release -- (ArriveNet - Aug 23, 2005) --NY rap MC Doncarlo grew up in Brooklyn in New York City. He was introduced to hip-hop and rap music in 1984. Growing up on music from the likes of Run DMC, Fat Boyz, KRS-ONE, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane and so many others.

The underground rap artists at that time were amazing to Doncarlo. He found rap music so creative with all the different favors.

1989 found Doncarlo in South Florida visiting his mother. There he heard a group called N.W.A. and he heard F**k the Police and was blown away from the freedom of expression and dont forget he was a young buck at that time.

That was really the start of his motivation to be a rapper. Returning to New York, after his summer vacation, it was back to school for the motivated upcoming rapper. Getting together with his homies in the lunch room, they would make beats by pounding on the lunch room tables and then try to rap to them.

Focused on his dream of being a rapper, Doncarlo carried his rhyme book everywhere, ready to write as his mind moved him. As rap became more popular Doncarlos started becoming distasteful. He was soon kicked out of his high school and was put in a special program.

If that wasnt enough of a struggle for this creative being, Doncarlos father made him leave the house. The hardship of being homeless and not knowing where he was going to sleep and eat was the real street credibility of Doncarlos world.

The reality of his situation brought him to to the point where he was doing his little hustle in the park, making a little money to survive.

The depression of his situation was taking a toll on the once creative young man. Depressed over his life situation and lacking the creative juice he once had, he stopped writing music.

Since Doncarlo is from Haiti and was not a US citizen at that time, he decided, after seeing some of his homiez getting deported, a 9 ta 5 would be the best solution to his situation, and of course there was the little hustle on the side.

Not feeling rap any longer Doncarlo still had the urge to express himself, so he turned to poetry as an outlet for his creativity. As time went on he could not limit his creativity to just chillin and writing poetry. He had to tell his writings in rap. He went out and bought a bunch of instrumentals and dove back into his rhyming. That old feeling was coming back. The writing, the flow and the delivery was being tailored to fit this young upcoming rap artist.

Doncarlo was planning to go to the ATL, and he saw an ad for a Producer looking for rappers. Peaked by the chance to be more creative and be given direction, Doncarlo thought about the ad and when he returned for m the ATL he contacted the producer. Being linked with the tracks the producer gave him, Doncarlo was on his way; and the rest is history.

Having a catalog of over 40 tracks recorded, Doncarlo is just starting and growing everyday.

His Welcome 2 Brooklyn is a reflection of Doncarlos life and others like him. Its real spit from someone who lived it.

Check out samples and order Welcome 2 Brooklyn here - http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/doncarlo

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