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Philadelphia, Pa.-August 2005- Local Hip Hop and spoken word artist, Maj Toure, chooses to distribute his album, Solutionary, on SEPTAs Orange Line as a means of direct contact with his target audience. SEPTA, the sixth largest transit agency in the country, has about 1.9 million riders daily. The crowd is as diverse in age as it is in race, gender, and creed. Toure taps into the large ridershipwith his brand of self-coined solutionary musiceveryday from 7:30am to 3pm.

When questioned about the decision to sell music on the train, as opposed to with a major record label, Toure said, "I chose the trains because here I can address social issues directly without restriction and I can get the solutions immediately to the people who will benefit from it the most."

According to Toure, he began by selling The Black Star, a community issues newspaper, on the train in 2003, the papers readers became a following which helped with the idea of selling his CD underground. The subway system is now his citywide music distributor.

"My CD showcases the flow of Jay-Z, the poetry of Nas, all wrapped up in the social and political consciousness of Dead Prez," said Toure. "This music is for those elite few who choose to take their destiny into their own hands, those who respect independent thought, and wish to reclaim their rightful thrones. This music is only for those who wish to be... a Solutionary."

The album features a range of songs, from Never Forget and Changes, that highlight past, present, and future progress in the black community to Hurry Up & Buy and Willie Lynch which lightheartedly poke fun at the need for economic plans and preservation. As an advocate for, and member of the Hip Hop community, Toure also spreads his message of economic-stability, political-education, and social-awareness on the lecture circuit and at other speaking engagements.

The Solutionary CD sells for $5, but can also be listened to and bought at www.cdbaby.com/majtoure.

CONTACT: JEANNINE 215.769.2221

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