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Platinum-Selling Recording Artists Eve and Fat Joe Poke Fun at Past in New Boost Mobile Ad Campaign

Hip-Hop Heavyweights Revisit '80s for Hilarious Spin on Life's Pivotal Moments

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 24, 2005--Once again, lifestyle telecommunications leader Boost Mobile and its advertising agency Berlin Cameron/Red Cell have raised the bar on creativity with a cutting-edge, comedic concept for its new "Pivotal Moments" ad campaign featuring chart-topping hip-hop artists Eve and Fat Joe. The campaign showcases the two visible icons, who are at the top of their respective games, and applies some creative license and irreverence to make the Boost "Chirp" a pivotal moment in their lives and their successes in a positive and substantive way.

Boost's Pivotal Moments campaign launched with a nationwide push in select print media in mid-July. The broadcast component, highlighted by acclaimed director Chris Robinson and co-director Randy Krallman, began with the national debut of "Pivotal Moments" TV and radio commercials this month. Boost Mobile expects to continue and expand the campaign with new talent in 2006.

The campaign, designed to showcase pivotal moments when the Boost Mobile "Chirp" is the only tool to take young people to a higher level in life, was created in response to a nationwide study commissioned by Boost Mobile to identify the most common positive "pivotal moments" in the lives of 14- to 24-year-olds based on a phone call they received.

According to the study conducted by MRSI (Marketing Research Services Inc.), many "pivotal moment" calls have centered on news that would forever change the lives of young people, such as being accepted to a particular college, winning a large prize, moving to another city or securing a job. Those who participated in the study were also asked who they were with when they received their "pivotal" news and who the first person was that they shared the news with.

"According to our research, eight out of ten 14- to 24-year-olds have personally received a phone call that changed their life, and for many the call impacted their lives by changing their attitude in a positive way, increasing self esteem and confidence," said Darryl Cobbin, vice president of marketing, Boost Mobile. "Boost's aim with this campaign is to highlight those specific occasions in young people's lives. Those once-in-a-lifetime moments when you need instant information so you don't miss that golden opportunity to elevate your life."

"Pivotal Moments" goes back in time (the 1980s) when Eve and Fat Joe had yet to be discovered or realized their potential of being the celebrities that we know and love today. Boost tells the story of that pivotal moment when they got the "Chirp" that changed their lives forever and how "good things happen to people who Chirp."

Eve's commercial takes you back in the day when her friend "chirped" her to invite her to a block party. She pulls out her Boost Mobile phone and tells her she's on her way. There she sees a local MC in a heated rap battle. At this moment, she is inspired to become a rapper and the rest is history. The comedic twist in the commercial shows that had she not gotten the "chirp" and continued to dance, she would have placed second in a nationally televised talent show competition while in her teens and ultimately succumbing to a position as an assistant ballet instructor in eastern Ukraine before become the dean at a prestigious ballet academy in Russia.

Fat Joe's commercial shows him standing on his neighborhood corner back in the day when he receives a "chirp" and one of his friends invites him to a rap performance. He goes and becomes obsessed with hip-hop from this moment on. Had he not gotten that pivotal "chirp" he would have continued to discover his hidden talent of communicating with animals and become a respected NYC pet psychiatrist. Without Boost, the world would never have known this lyrical legend.

"Boost Mobile is about being connected and staying ahead of the pack in terms of being 'where it's at,' both in terms of the lives of the audience and in youth culture in general," said Berlin Cameron/Red Cell CEO and Creative Director Ewen Cameron. "So we took a tongue-in-cheek approach of showing how a call on Boost could make a profound difference in someone's life, in this case lives whose stories our audience knows and relates to. To succeed in the youth branding game you have to come across as fresh and authentic every time. Last year we did it with music video style Anthem campaign and this year we took a narrative approach."

About Berlin Cameron/Red Cell

Berlin Cameron/Red Cell is part of WPP and is the New York office of the Red Cell Network. Clients include The Coca-Cola Company (Coca-Cola Classic, C2, Mello Yello, Cool from Nestea, Pibb Xtra, Minute Maid Sodas); Samsung; Pfizer (Zyrtec, corporate); Boost Mobile; New York Life Insurance; Nestle Purina; White Wave (Silk); The Wall Street Journal; Newell Rubbermaid and Pernod-Ricard (The Glenlivet, Wyborowa Vodka).

About Boost Mobile

Based in Irvine, Calif., Boost Mobile LLC, a subsidiary of Sprint Nextel Corp. (NASDAQ:S - News), is a lifestyle-based telecommunications brand focused on offering premium Pay-As-You-Go wireless phones and services to the youth market. Boost is one of the fastest-growing wireless services in the U.S. and now has more than 1.7 million customers - the majority of which are under the age of 25. Boost-branded wireless phones with its exclusive Boost(TM) Walkie-Talkie service and Re-Boost(TM) cards are available nationwide at locations where youth prefer to shop, including national retailers and convenience stores, and merchants that focus on fashion, music, and action sports-related activities. Experience Boost on the Web at www.boostmobile.com.

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