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Richmond, CA August 8, 2005 -- "You know its hard out here for a pimp when he tryna get this money for the rent."

The now-famous & half-way comical chorus from the movie Hustle & Flow rings throughout the theatre, followed by echoes of laughter. But one Bay Area MC knows a pimps hustle aint no joke.

Preach Martin (pronounced Mar-teen) was born a hustler. Before he realized he could flow, hustling was all he knew. From sticking up unsuspecting citizens to money laundering to plain ol pimpin and panderin, Preach has done it all. These real life experiences and a go-getter attitude inspired him as a novice rapper to approach the owner of the now defunct Straight Hits record label. After auditioning on the spot, Preach was immediately signed to the label as one of its flagship artists.

Me coming from the streets with no buzz, just starting to rap and getting signed to a label thats unheard of. Not to mention a label that is owned by the Program Director of KMEL and KYLD. I just knew that it was gonna crack, Preach laughs.

Preachs wishful thinking proved to be untrue. A calculating perfectionist, Preach recorded songs and re-recorded songs carefully mapping out his raps and even the hooks performed by pretty young things and R&B thugs. But while he orchestrated his master plan, Straight Hits kept it moving, releasing projects by Oakland phenom Mistah F.A.B. and Filipina quartet One Vo1ce both of whom signed to the label around the same time as Preach. Although he was receiving monthly income from the label and was featured on both albums, co-writing a tune for One Vo1ce, the money was never enough. His raps reflected the life he lived and continued to lead to help support his young son. Although his album was almost completed, Preach felt like he was just keeping his head above water.

Then came the bad news. Before Straight Hits could release a project on Preach, the label shut down leaving him uncertain of what the future might hold. The opportunities garnered by Straight Hits had included radio play of his single Bad Misses, mixtape placement on the Bay Area Playas Vol. 6, write ups in Showcase Magazine, and the promise of more to come. Now facing an unknown path quite possibly without his already recorded music, Preachs focus turned back to hustling.

You know the pimp game and the rap game are similar, you gotta stay on top of your game and be prepared for anything., warns Preach. If you dont pay attention, one day youll look up and everything could be gone from under you. Your tricks, your music, your money, and your one chance. Luckily I still had my girls and other hustles, so I concentrated on that to get my money right.

After stacking his bread, Preach brokered a deal that allowed him to release the music he so painstakingly worked at. Armed with his music and money for mastering, Preach set out to find a manager. He settled with longtime associates and Bay Area entertainment fixtures Marcel Anderson and Meilani of MPRINT MUSIC.

When asked why they added Preach to their roster, Marcel and Meilani concurrently agree. Preach has the voice, the charisma and the experiences that make a rapper successful. Not to mention, his drive is amazing.

One would agree that it takes a charismatic person to persuade females to parade their goodies on the Bays city streets. And you could argue that it takes one of talent to earn two callbacks for the new Damon Dash TV show Ultimate Hustler. But what, besides unfaltering drive, could possess a person to spend his hard-earned money on an album that mightve never seen the light of day?

Mirroring the storyline of Hustle & Flow, Preach confesses, I just knew that there was something else out there for me. Something that was bigger than hustling & pimping. I didnt want to do that for the rest of my life. This album means so much to me because I did it on my own. I found all the producers, I wrote the raps, I conceived this from beginning to end. So when it drops I got this feeling people are gonna identify with me.

With a finished project entitled From A.M. to P.M., a connected management team, and steady money flowing in youd think hustling would already be a thing of Preachs past. Not so, Preach says. Everyday is a struggle and I gotta hustle my way through it. This rap game is a hustle. Just to get noticed, to get airplay, to get distribution you gotta finagle. My album is the result of hustlin. Like the title says, thats all I do from a.m. to p.m.

You can find out more about Preach by visiting www.mprintmusic.com or www.preachmartin.com . You can download Pod Safe music by Preach by visiting www.podsafeaudio.com/jamroom/PREACH MARTIN .

Melanie N. Lee
1028 10th Street Ste. A
Oakland, CA 94607
Phone: 510-224-1604

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