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Ready for Break Through

mkinav with the new format h style is bringing hip hop to the next level.

(PRWEB) August 10, 2005 -- Every so often an album comes around with a certain uniqueness that grabs you from the opening song and then gets better with each listen. Every song on the new album represents a wealth of hip hop\rap styles.

MKINAV-plays a new popular brand of music combining hip hop and rap musicstyles.he embrace steller song writing with impeccable musical talent.

MKINAV-displays professionalism,enthusiam,charisma,and pure talent.he is one of talent2k top clients he has the dynamics in hes songs and the talent to make it big in the music industry.

MKINAV-captures hes unique sound with addictive rhythms and compelling changes.there is never a break,mistake,or a missed note.perfection is the word and music of this nature grows.inside itself,and it will grow on you with each spin.

RADIO- talent2k is currently shoping radio stations for the current music of mkinav.

album-self released 2005
introducing mkinav.
promotion and contact info for more information and booking visit the talent2k website.

Michael Bellamy

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