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Rhodes Scholar Shu drops the most organic and original R&B Soul debut album of the year - SHUSIC

Introducing Shu the funkiest R&B Soul musician in years, recently featured in an internationally-broadcast television interview/performance by Reuters News Network

NEW YORK August 9, 2005 -- What do you do when two challenging opportunities are presented to you at once? Study at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar or release the funkiest Soul music album in years? Shu, an amazingly talented singer, songwriter, and pianist, chose to seize both!

While completing a Master's thesis at Oxford University in England as a Rhodes Scholar, the Kenyan-born musician made the time to launch his R&B, soul album "SHUSIC," that combines the percussive rhythms of his homeland, with modern day acoustic soul. Recorded in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the album is heartfelt and ambitious, and the critics agree:

Soul singer Shu's sound has been dubbed "a little bit Stevie Wonder, a little bit Marvin Gaye," but he's determined to blaze his own musical path.
-Samira Nanda Reuters News Network

"I got drunk on the heady delights of each individual song...Shu is an undeniable talent...with so much to look forward to."
-Dormouse - AlterEgo Magazine

"Outstanding lyrics and originality... [His influences] blend and clash in Shu's music without robbing it of his individuality... [Shu is] in a class of his own."
-Evan Mwangi - The Daily Nation

"Shu is a soulful, organic, original voice on the music scene. He has the ability to reach the intellectual, sophisticated listener, and the down home crowd. His new CD "SHUSIC" is one of the most soulful, provocative works to have come out this year. The CD is one of the best of 2005."
-Kody Emmanuel, Producer - WBAI Radio

"Hopefully, others will catch on fast..."
-Taxi, worldwide A & R Company

In the studio, Shu worked with some industry heavy weights as well as other rising artists.

"It was a very organic experience and I was fortunate enough to collaborate with some amazing musicians, like Myron (and producing partner Josh Honigstock) who used to work with Dru Hill back in the day, and Dave Tozer who's worked with John Legend and Snoop and Kanye (West), and J. Marty who's a young, creative hip-hop beat-maker in New York that's worked with Lumidee, Shu said.

Just being in that space with them helped make it a reality. Before I left for Oxford, It took about three months of going into the studio, and then two months of working my day job so I could make more money to pay for the rest of the studio time!" quips Shu, reliving the challenge of recording an independent album.

Shu grew up in Nairobi, Kenya, with his fathers guitar and simple Swahili love songs serving as his first musical backdrop. At the age of seven, he began training as a classical pianist, going on to win numerous national awards. At only 24, Shu is making a name in academia as a Rhodes Scholar, and now in entertainment where he has been named a top songwriter by Billboard, playing to sold out audiences in the States and Europe. He has quickly become known and loved for his energizing, virtuosic and heart-felt performances.

Once Again", the infectious J. Marty-produced single from SHUSIC was featured last year on MTV2 in a spot for their Rock The Vote campaign and is making a push with college and independent radio.

Currently, Shu is focused on finishing his Masters Thesis in Material Anthropology and touring in support of the album. He has invitations for dates in New York, Philadelphia, Kenya, France, Norway and England and expects to start a multi-country tour in the fall. Upcoming performance dates are available at www.SHUSIC.com/calendar.html.

With his abundance of talent, Shu is causing a serious stir and breathing some exciting new air into contemporary R&B/Soul music.

SHUSIC is available exclusively online at www.SHUSIC.com, and will be launched on iTunes and in record stores in the coming weeks.

Shu Photograph: http://shusic.com/images/hugeatpiano.jpg

Media Contact:
Milton Appling for Datoala Michael

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