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19th August 2005
S.A.S aka Mega and Mayhem, were thrown in to the media spotlight a year and a half ago, after it was announced by Dame Dash, that they were going to be the first UK act, signing to Roc-A-Fella Records. Sadly when Dame, Biggs and Jay decided to part
company the prospect of them officially signing to the label vanished in to a puff of smoke. However all was not lost and in 2005 S.A.S are back, and this time with the entire Dip Set familia behind them.

After the well publicised ROC split S.A.S still remained in contact with Dip Set captain Jim Jones, for it was he who first saw their potential, helping to spark the interest of music fans, his own label artists, and Dame Dash. This has never been forgotten by the
duo who say we stayed loyal to the Diplomats. They saw our vision before our own country did.

Even though they have a huge fan base spanning across Europe, the UK music industry still refuses to welcome them in to the fold, which hasnt gone unnoticed. Mayhem tells Write On Point the UK industry tries to behave as if we dont exist. But it's cool because were touring the UK and Europe off our mixtape Who Dares Wins, and in a year from now, we will be on top of the globe.

The S.A.S album, Diplomat Records presents Streets All Salute the prequel album will be out in late October.

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To read this exclusive interview with S.A.S visit: www.writeonpoint.co.uk

Janice Spence
Email: janice@writeonpoint.co.uk
Website: www.writeonpoint.co.uk

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