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StrongeyeContact.com launches new service with legendary superagent, Jay Jacobs.

Veteran music industry legend Jay Jacobs teams up with the online networking resource StrongeyeContact.com to provide expert advice to entertainment industry professionals.

(PRWEB) July 31, 2005 -- You auditioned everyone you know to join your band. You had to replace your grandmom on the tambourine because she couldnt keep up with the riffs. You spent countless sleepless nights finding the perfect note for your first monster ballad. You dated your bassist but she broke it off because she thought you had eyes for your keyboardist. You booked your first gig, headlining at the 4-H Club Hog-Off. And, although its all relative, you didnt stink.

So you think youre ready for the big-time?

There seems to be one constant that even the internet revolution cant shake - you absolutely have to have an agent if youre going to make a living as an artist.

So says Brad Hinely, co-creator of StrongeyeContact.com, a website that places actors and artists in front of industry talent agents.

Choosing the representative thats going to help you grow and develop your career is the most important decision talent can make, and often the one thats given the least amount of thought in the beginning, because youre just happy someones interested. My first agent didnt have a car. That should have been some sort of sign but Ive never been very intuitive

Next week StrongeyeContact.com breaks new ground and opens its doors to musicians and vocalists. This new feature uses networking tools to place its vocalists in front of agents and industry managers.

It was a very natural transition because we noticed that the majority of our agencies had music departments. We wanted to give our members the opportunity to showcase their stuff to agents that were already looking anyway, Brad continues. But that wasnt enough. We thought that if we were going to do it, lets really do it right. Lets find the best person in the music industry, and give them a forum to discuss the industry with the up and coming musicians. We actively sought Jay Jacobs. Actually, beg wouldnt be too strong a word.

And Jacobs liked what he saw. Brad explains, To be honest, I didnt think we had a shot with Jay, I mean, his bio reads like a jukebox in heaven. He broke some of the biggest stars whove ever worked. Ever. We said that if we couldnt find someone that was great, we werent going to do it at all. It wouldnt benefit our membership. With over 35 years of industry experience working for the two most influential and powerful agencies in the entertainment field, William Morris and ICM, the word legend comes to mind. Jacobs represented The Beach Boys, Diana Ross, Natalie Cole, Crosby Stills and Nash, Albert Brooks, Van Morrison arguably the most distinguished list of artists of our time.

Were so excited and couldnt be more thrilled. I sent the news about Jay Jacobs to the design team working on the Q&A section and they sent me a case of Two Buck Chuck. Im a hero at the office. Im having a cape designed as we speak. Hinely says with an excited smile.

More importantly for members, though, will be the access to a resource of Jacobs distinction. We want every actor and every artist that has the dream to know where to come to get the inside information. We want to show everyone the best the entertainment industry has to offer. Hinely continues.

If its history is any indicator of the success that lies in its future, StrongeyeContact.com will be the launching point for the thousands of musicians trying to get their foot in the door.

Thats the ultimate goal, says Hinely, to keep our members working and networking. Theres nothing more exciting than to hear success stories from our members. It reminds us of why we started.

Brad Hinely

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