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Texas Producers 'Carnival Beats' Making Mike Jones' Hit After Hit

(New York, NY., August 2nd, 2005)
Who says Southern folks don't know what's going on in the world of hip hop right now? With the likes of Mike Jones and Paul Wall exploding onto the rap scene, one has to ask who is behind the music??? Well the answer is a little known but soon to be known worldwide name, Carnival Beats.

No song has dominated the rap airwaves over the course of 2004-05 as much as 'Still Tippin". Built off of the bells from Whodini's 'I'm a Ho" and enhanced by the sickest violin loop known to man, Salih's (one half of Carnival Beats) instrumental packs a wallop that is matched by the lyrical punch of Slim Thug, Mike Jones, and Paul Wall joining forces. Remixed by G-Unit and utilized by just about every mixtape in circulation, 'Still Tippin" officially kicked in a new era of Texas rap making its mark beyond state lines.

Adding two more radio staples to their resume in 2005 by way of Paul Wall's 'Sittin' Sidewayz" and Mike Jones' 'Back Then", Salih and brother Tomar have quickly risen to prominence among rap's most compelling producers. They are responsible for supplying the 'Who Is Mike Jones?" album with much of its luster, which also includes 'Know What I'm Sayin'", 'Got It Sewed Up" (Remix), 'Screw Dat", '5 Years From Now", and 'Cuttin'" (Remix). Besides, 'Sittin' Sidewayz", Carnival Beats also has four tracks pending on Paul Wall's album.

Hailing from Austin, Texas, this family (four brothers and two sisters) has been involved in music for some twenty plus years. The family of brothers includes Salih and Tomar who started out as an R&B group in the early 90's and were joined by Karriem, who heads up the A&R department and Ishaq, who is the master mind behind the marketing strategies and sister Cynthia, who handles the administrative side. Combining their talents, they formed Carnival Beats which encompasses the production team, record label with focus on artist development and promotions.

Slated to soon be working with the likes of Slim Thug, Twista, Chingy, and the rest of hip hop's finest, you can believe that the summer will be belong to Carnival Beats as the cars roll by blazin' someone rhyming over a track by Salih and Tomar, the super hot Williams brothers!

Contact: CJ Robinson
Phone: 646.552.9233
Email: cj@tsunamigroupinc.com

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