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NEW YORK, NY, Wednesday, August 17, 2005 -- Alvito Hodge... remember that name. He may be the person that brings the rap underground to light. Hes the Founder/CEO of Music Unlimited Records. His label is a unique one that concentrates its efforts solely on underground music. Music Unlimited presents unsigned artists to the public. You may not know their names now, but you will soon enough. We call them Tomorrows Superstars Today.

Mr. Hodge has put together a compilation album series for unsigned artists titled American Street Dreams to be released Fall 2005. This series is one of a kind being that no artists are signed to Music Unlimited and its distributed through The Orchard, Inc. The Orchard is the leading digital distributor of independent music. The CD is a promotional tool that connects artists with fans to let them know whos hot and who has next.

American Street Dreams consist of a fresh look at rap. Its a fresh sound that is truly music to your ears. Eighteen tracks of hot beats, smooth flow and perfectly timed delivery. Youll ask yourself, why havent I heard these artists before? Well, its because the music industry, for new artists, is more twisted now than ever.

Corporate America has taken control of the streets art form and made it its own. They have imposed a glass ceiling on the game. A few artists are chosen to sit on top of the game and no one else is allowed to be promoted upward unless the major labels and their backers approve. But the glass ceiling may not be thick enough to contain the line-up of artists on the Music Unlimited debut album. Youll want to compare them to mainstream artists, but youll only do an injustice to yourself. These artists stand on the merits of their talent and nothing else.

When did corporations decide that rap was no longer a fad? When did we let them become the gatekeepers of the Hip Hop culture? If rap is a sport where is the opportunity for the rookies to shine? Music Unlimited Records is needed in this game.

Taher Naggar
Asst. Digital PR Director
Music Unlimited Records

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