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WWW.YOURHOMESTUDIO.COM is up and running

yourhomestudio.com is a free tutorial on how to set up and run your home recording studio. It provides valuable information on current home studio technologies and techniques.

(PRWEB) August 30, 2005 -- WWW.YOURHOMESTUDIO.COM, a new website from LGM Productions is up and running as of August 29, 2005. Its down to earth explanations of highly technical issues is refresshing and helps the novice home recordist determine their direction in a vastly complex landscape.

In depth explanations of the techniques involved in recording specific instruments and opportunities to explore these subjects in detail give even the most inexperienced a feeling of confidence.

The site features a opt-in newsletter (e-mail protected from spam bots) on new products and services and will increase its scope to more detailed treatments soon.

The author's personal experiences are invaluable in illustrating the proper processes in producing a complete audio CD. Subjects include stand-alone digital audio workstations, computer-based digital audio workstations, microphones, room treatment and recording basics.

WWW.YOURHOMESTUDIO.COM is soon to be "the" destination on the web for all matters pertaining to digital recording, product selection, CD authoring and distribution.


Thomas Rabalais

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