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The Amazing New Hip Hop Group ChillQuest Has Exploded Onto the Entertainment Scene

ChillQuest is a hot up and coming teen group from Upstate New York. They're currently on tour in the US and hitting a Mall near you.

(PRWEB) September 2, 2005 -- As the group begins its steady incline to fame, it continues to be a positive influence and entertaining role model to young people, here in the state of New York, and now, far beyond those borders.

On their new promotional CD, entitled Take Your Time, ChillQuest displays a technique that confirms them already establishing their own unique style and flavor. The CD, featuring three hot tracks, includes School Daze, featuring Marcyah on vocals and Movin It Right, (the club banger). Any hardcore music fan will appreciate the flip that this group has done to the legendary SOS Bands killer hit, Take Your Time. Set to an updated rendition of the already stellar original track, these handsome teenagers are telling young women to treat themselves like the queens that they are and for them not to run through relationships like they change clothes. The title song, Take Your Time, features Cindy Bolton on vocals. All three tracks on the promotional CD are produced by D. Carter, aka "Drawzilla," of Inasirkl Music Group. A 12-track album is scheduled for release summer 2005.

Already on a promotional tour promoting the new independent CD, the group will be featured at MediaPlay at the South Hills Mall, Poughkeepsie, NY on May 7, 2005 and MediaPlay in Middletown, NY on May 14, 2005.

Seeing the state that many of their peers were in or were heading, ChillQuest HAD OTHER IDEAS.

In 1997, this Hip Hop teen dance/rap group was formed by three cousins, Romance Luv Reed (16), Mario Supa Lopez (13), and Ridasha Dazzle D Anthony (17), who is also one of the songwriter and producers for the group. In 2004, a forth member was added, David McFaddgen III, aka "D3"(16).

From its inception, the group was determined to promote positive messages to the youth of today. For them, it is all about giving back, as they realize their own gigantic dreams. Loving rap music, but wanting to bring it back to its original form, when it was a more conscientious rap and fun party music, the group began to study and emulate the dance/rap masters of the past, such as the legendary Heavy D & the Boys, and Kid n Play. Infusing their own style and updating the dance moves, music and lyrics, they have successfully combined the past with the present, while forging into the future. The result has been that ChillQuests exceptional rap style and dance moves have generated comparison to the likes of many teen idols, such as renowned groups New Edition, BBD, and TLC.

During the eight years that they have been performing professionally, their gigs have included blockbuster performances at the Annual Prestige Awards (2002-2004) in upstate New York, The R&M Latin Day Summer Festivals in New York City, and recently a showcase performance at P.Diddy's Justins restaurant in lower Manhattan, which garnered glowing reviews. For two consecutive years they have performed at the Annual Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York City, one year aboard the GOYA Float, along side Brenda K. Starr, Tito Nieves, and the Newburgh Free Academy All-Star Dance Team.

Their first release, entitled Let's Go, a high energy tribute to the late, great Barry White, is a true testimony that the group will soon be placed in the entertainment industry among those with the greatest appeal to teens and young adults alike. Response was so great from their in-store listening party that store manager, Bonnie, states that Lets Go has acquired the highest in-store selling record for a local release to date! These events have been so successful that store managers continue to request more products!

This notoriety in the upstate communities has placed ChillQuest in the unique position of conducting a School Boy Educational Tour, which has them traveling and performing at schools, conventions and educational seminars, including one for the New York State Board of Education in Albany, NY, under the auspices of the New York State Higher Education Department. The tour is paneled by entertainment and music industry professionals that educate students about careers and opportunities in the music industry. Their consistent, professional performance record has gained them increased popularity, generating continuous requests for performances throughout New York's Hudson Valley.

Through consistent constructive guidance, top notch production and ever evolving talent, ChillQuest has already and will continue to carve an irrefutable positive niche in the lives of all they touch.


Dazzle Damarco

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