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Autolect (Formerly Usephasan) Releases Lubrication Single

Underground Hip Hop/Left field /abstract

(PRWEB) September 6, 2005 -- Autolect has received recognition in spots as far away as France and Japan for his solo releases under the moniker Usephasan. His work with Los Angeles producers Amani Smith of urbanscore (who co-produced Public Enemy's new CD), and Pomo of Blend Crafters, and numerous guest appearances that include spots on Cp records Persecution of hip hop (which featured Vast Aire (cannibal ox) & Sole of anticon) And also the French territories Projet chaos which featured Big Juss (company flow) & Buck 65. Has put this Artist in the vantage point. This Artist, writes, produces and lyrically soothes the soul with undeniable material that hinges on a dervish drum circle. Frantically obliterated in the oneness of the truth.

Autolect is a rare bread artist who produces and writes his own material. His forthcoming album, Every. Mans Universe is a self-produced debut from Autolect. With the help of Beat Makers Jihad and Fanatik (of Tauheed productions) in Oakland, Autolect honed his craft. When I emerged out of the new andalus studio I basically understood what I had to do all around. Business, lyrically & production wise, my development has been In good hands from La to the bay.

The First track GRAVITY is in my eyes a hit. Music for losers, I say that for all those who are on the perceived negative side of things. The hook is very simple. This was an experimental track. I took my time to answer the critics that said ALL I could do was write 3rd eye / Abstract lyrics.

LUBRICATION, Its definitely about life and taking an active roll in combating social ills. Minutes become hours on the boardwalk.

SOLAER, Is a deep track. Vocally and instrumental wise. It is a story that is told from the perspective of the sun. There are thousands of me in countless galaxies.

Minute by minute & track-to-track Autolect finds a way to inspire and transcend, while keeping a watchful eye on the future of his sound. The material is intentionally hard driven. Managing to maintain a frantic pace while soothing the soul. Its for mature listeners who can appreciate the subtle nuisances of a well thought out track. Not merely for pleasure, though we hope many will enjoy. However in the order of things, we hope the listener reaches a more spiritual plane.

# # #

William Robinson

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