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B-Rhaka plans to give support to New Orleans and the Gulf Coast area thru a Music Cares benefit concert.

September 12, 2005
Being of southern roots, the petite music prodigy known as Miss B-Rhaka
feeling the pain of those in the Gulf Coast area, especially New
and as a result has begun the process of organizing a benefit event to
give financial support to those in need. B-Rhaka, along with Maurice
Woodson, CEO of Nomad Entertainment and Danica Dow, Senior Editor of
On! and Black Beat magazines, has begun to reach out to friends,
and anyone in the music industry who may be interested in participating
in a
benefit concert event whereas 100% of proceeds will be donated to the
American Red Cross and other agencies helping to shelter, feed and
the victims of Hurricane Katrina.
Its mass hysteria down there. I have family and friends who I
even heard from. I check the websites everyday and am relieved when
pops up okay or I get a phone call from a family member saying that
heard from so and so and they are alive and well. But there are still
many that no ones heard from. Its crazy, the rapper/singer/producer
said. I know that anything we can do up here will be greatly
down there,
As of today, negotiations for a concert venue have begun and
invitations for
people to volunteer their time and talent have been extended. B-Rhaka
that New York based musical artists, producers, and DJs will jump at
chance to help those on the Gulf Coast. She also extends the invite to
artists throughout the US - Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Rock, Gospel.
Its about coming together and making it happen, Miss B concluded.

B-Rhaka is a rapper/ singer/ songwriter/producer who has written and
produced songs for artists on numerous Major and Independent label as
as worked alongside such talents as Nisan Stewart (Tweet, Missy Elliot,
Nelly, Janet Jackson, Musiq Soulchild, etc) and J. Freeman (Snoop Dogg,
Deborah Cox, Ginuine, Montell Jordan, etc)

B-Rhakas website: http://B-Rhaka.com

For More Information contact:
Maurice Woodson by phone at (212) 865-8665/ E-mail at:
Danica Dow at Danica727@aol.com
B-Rhaka at B-Rhaka@hotmail.com

NOMAD Public Relations/ 270 W 117th St 1T New York NY 10026/

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