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Big Tone has found himself riding the wave of a buzz that is currently creating frenzy on the Detroit underground scene. After years of rhyming collaborating with some of hip hop's most prominent talents including Jay Dee, Dwele, Slum Village, and Lacks, Big Tone is releasing his self-produced solo project, The Drought, on ABB Records (summer 2005). Fresh off of a string of impressive releases; Partycrasher (Carl Craig's Antidote Music), the Wasted Youth EP 2 Minds, 1 Block (Bling 47 Group), It's Like That (JayDee's Welcome to Detroit LP), and the explosive single, "Its a Wrap", with Phat Kat, featuring Big Tone (Barak Records), Big Tone is bringing forth one of the most anticipated solo efforts to be released out of Detroit.

After moving away from his infamous 7 mile stomping grounds, the next neighborhood he called home was the Plymouth Road area of Detroits west side, known as P-Rock. In the late 90's Tone began to make his rounds, and his presence felt in the D's underground scene. The Hip-Hop Shop, St. Andrew's Hall, Ebony Showcase, and The Lush all played a part of Tone's rapidly growing reputation. His first EP, Earcandy, earned the ears and respect of a wide audience, including established independent record label executive, Carl Craig (Planet E Communications). Craig became one of Tone's biggest mentors and friends in music. "The next thing I know, I was the next artist to sign to Planet E's sister label, Antidote Records," he recalls. After doing a few white label releases, Tone was exposed to a worldwide audience. It was these opportunities that also earned him a highlighted appearance, working with a friend and mentor Jay Dee on the song "Its like that" which appeared on JayDee's Welcome to Detroit (BBE Records). He followed with a flash of brilliance on his self produced debut single, Party Crasher", which in return was mixed by JayDee. This Three song release solidified Big Tone as a commander on the mic, and augmented the custom of the artist/producer double threat.

One of Tone's most notable contributions to Detroit Hip-Hop was founding the group Wasted Youth. The first project from this group, "2 Minds, 1 Block", set ablaze the local scene and quickly became a phenomenon. "It never ceases to amaze me how a CD that is intended to touch no further than the hood, can find its way to the other side of the globe," Tone reflects. Due to popular demand the album was repressed and released through Bling 47 Group, and was instrumental in establishing the group's large fan base. Wasted Youth is currently working on a second project entitled Teen Spirit, which is scheduled for release fall 2005.

"I'm able to bridge the gaps between the different areas of rap music, because they've each played a role in my upbringing, I feel I've been able to create something universal because of this. 'The Drought' is my 'Illmatic'. It's my 'Reasonable Doubt'", Tone reveals, "The dominoes continue to fall, the next domino is my album. When that one falls, its a wrap." With The Drought under his wing, Big Tone is promising not to disappoint those thirsty for the next big thing.


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