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Chutzpah - the World's First Ever Jewish Hip Hop Supergroup - Will Be Appearing on the Chabad's 'Celebration 25' 25th Anniversary Telethon

Sunday, September 25th on PBS

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Chutzpah will be performing a special song "Home Is Where the Heart Is" written especially to honor the victims and refugees of Hurricane Katrina on Sunday, September 25th at 10:15 PST on the Chabad Telethon on all PBS Broadcast stations nationally.

Brought together by the magisterial Dr. Dreck, a profoundly influential figure in the annals of Hip Hop, the quartet consists of Master Tav -- the lead rapper, MC Meshuggenah -- the slightly unhinged one, and their tag along fourth, Jew Da -- the Jewish/Rastafarian, philosopher.

Appearing along with Chabad guests such as Governor Schwarzenegger and Magic Johnson, and performers such as Perry Farrell and Dick van Dyke. Chutzpah will show why their fans are legion, including Gary Oldman, Debbie Mazur, Deborah Harry, Vivian Campbell of Def Leppard and even Sharon Osbourne.

Why is it that you've never heard of this group before? As is often the case with influential artists, their own road has been a bumpy one. Financial distress (Dr. Dreck's), crises of faith (Master Tav's), and the occasional stay in a psychiatric hospital (MC Meshuggenah's) have kept the group from living up to their promise as of yet. But the now legendary demos they recorded over the years finally reached the ears of David McLees, the President of a new Jewish record label, Jewish Music Group, and Chutzpah was signed!

The wait is over. Chutzpah's worldwide debut CD, "Chutzpah (eponymous)" will be released by Jewish Music Group on Tuesday November 15th, 2005 along with their holiday video "Chanukah's da Bomb" with a 'making of...' DVD "Chutzpah, This Is?" Some of their star fans have made their love known by appearing in their DVD such as George Segal, Gary Oldman, Debbie Mazur among others. The band will be touring in support of the release and are available for television appearances, in-store performances and the occasional Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

For more information contact
Jennifer Gross - Evolutionary Media Group
(323) 658-8700 - Jennifer@emgpr.com

Source: Jewish Music Group

CONTACT: Jennifer Gross of Evolutionary Media Group, +1-323-658-8700,
Jennifer@emgpr.com, for Jewish Music Group

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