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September 28, 2005

Denver rapper, Cac was pronounced dead today at the age of 26. The Hip-Hop community is at a loss for words as to why this happened. Shot early Sunday morning at around 2:30am at the intersection of East 10th Avenue and Grant Street, Cac was on his way home from a night out. There have been no apparent explanations given as to why this unnecessary crime was committed.
Cac was in a Dodge Neon with Innerstate Ike, another member of the Hip-Hop community and a third unidentified male when all three males were shot and injured. Immediately rushed to the hospital, Cac and Innerstate Ike remained in critical condition. The third unidentified males injuries were not as serious as those of Cac and Innerstate Ike. Unfortunately Cac was severely injured and passed away earlier today. Innerstate Ike remains in the hospital but is reportedly on the road to recovery. Both men have families which include small children.
Both artists recently finished their own respected music projects. Cac had recently recorded the album Trendsetta. Innerstate Ike had also just finished his album entitled Batman and Robin which featured Cac. Both albums will be out in stores soon.
A fund has been set up by the families of the deceased and injured. Any monies received will go towards previous and future medical costs. Please send donations to 18601 E. 48th Avenue No. 112, Box No. 5, Denver, 80249.
As to date, no suspects have been identified. A motive has proven unidentifiable to this point, as well. The thoughts and prayers of the Denver community are with the family of Cac and wish Innerstate Ike a speedy recovery.

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