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FORT LAUDERDALE, FL - (VAKSEEN PRODUCTIONS) 09/15/05 - When you mix rewind-quality lyricism, clever wordplay, diverse content and a little southern seasoning what do you get? The Shaw Shanks provide the answer to that question with their debut CD, "WORDPLAY", which hit the streets August 9, 2005, and is available for purchase at www.vakseen.com

The Shaw Shanks, which is comprised of MCs Jaxx & I.V., has its roots in Jacksonville, Florida. With the release of "WORDPLAY" the duo officially steps in to the game as a new breed of artist, delivering hope to the current recession in quality that exists in hip hop music today.

Aided by exposure gained from their appearance in the "Battle 4 Da South" DVD, The Shaw Shanks highly anticipated first project has already been labeled a classic according to the underground street buzz. Showing by example that selling your soul is not always the way to go, it blends energetic, charismatic delivery with luminous verbal finesse laced over beats that would make any music lovers head nod. The albums producer, VAKSEEN (lyricist I.V.s alter ego), is the self-proclaimed bastard child of Dr. Dre, RZA and Organized Noize. And his production skills are definitely up to par with any major producer in the game today. He has four artists under VAKSEEN Productions, and has produced tracks for numerous others, including internationally acclaimed spoken word artist and slam champion, Lizz Straight.

This independent release includes the soulful, harmonic and soon-to-be radio hit "What a Crock!", and the orchestra-influenced single "Off Glass" which was featured on the Kid Antrim Music Compilation released in 2004. Other highlights include the mixtape smash "Get Hi" and the infectious ode to the ladies "Weak". The Shaw Shanks sound like no other artist out today, using their individuality and obvious hip hop scholarship to lure in pure hip hop heads, and the average radio listener alike. Just like Outkast, Wu-Tang, and The Roots, they are trend setters in their genre, proving them to be any record labels dream.

The Shaw Shanks is a name picked 8 years ago because, Jaxx & I.V. believe with conviction and adamantly declare, "Blow us up and this industry is on lockdown!!" Expect nothing but style and originality from Jaxx & I.V., outshining all others in this highly oversaturated music industry.

For booking information, photos, audio samples and to cop the debut album, WORDPLAY, visit www.vakseen.com or contact Otha Davis III of VAKSEEN Productions at (904) 881-1657. Enjoy the free album sampler found in the following link. http://vakseen.com/Music/The_Shaw_Shanks-WORDPLAY_Sampler.mp3
Otha III, Producer/Engineer
VAKSEEN Productions
Cop the streets-certified classic "WORDPLAY" from
THE SHAW SHANKS at www.vakseen.com

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