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Sept 26th, 2005 (Jacksonville, FL) Commemorating the release of their highly anticipated debut album "And Now..." 6 Hole Records has commissioned a stunning 30' x 70' graffiti mural in the heart of downtown Jacksonville, Florida of "Duval's Finest" hip-hop artist - ASAMOV!

The eye catching urban art piece showcases the uniqueness of each member of Asamov - J-One-Da, Therapy, Basic, and Willie Evans, Jr, - as well as their omni-present "BoomBox" which has become Asamov's signature accessory at all of their performances.

Already the talk of the town, the "And Now..." mural is expected to build awareness in the Jacksonville community about the long-awaited debut album from Jacksonville's native sons Asamov who's album will be available nation-wide on October 18th, 2005 on 6 Hole Records.

"The idea behind the "And Now..." mural was to show the world that the city's art scene is already behind Asamov and proud to have them represent our burgeoning 904 Hip-Hop music scene." said Asamov's manager Damian Marley. "The Old School graffiti styling of the mural speaks to how genuine and authentic Asamov's music truly is. Jacksonville once again should feel proud that we have such a high quality group representing us to the music world"

CEO of 6 Hole Records and Major League Baseball player Desi Relaford said, "Asamov is all about real beats, real lyrics, and that's why the "And Now..." Mural fits them so well. Once you listen to "And Now..." you can tell they are bringing real soul back into Hip-Hop..."

The "And Now..." mural is located at the south wall of the London Bridges English Pub (100 E. Adams St.) and is ready for the public to view. The official Asamov "And Now" listening party will be held at London Bridge on Oct. 17th from 7 to 11pm and all are invited to attend free of charge to celebrate and hear this stunning debut already being dubbed a Hip-Hop classic.

The "And Now..." Mural was stylized by Kenski82, Chief Rocka Basic, and Thriftwell!

In support of their debut release Asamov is available for and seeking interviews, reviews, and features.

About Asamov

Originating from Jacksonville, Florida Asamov centers around MCs Therapy, Basic, J-One-Da, and Willie Evans, Jr. Each member of Asamov is at least a triple threat referring to the fact that each member either rhymes, produces, or DJs making them an abnormality on the Hip-Hop scene. Their diversity is evident at their live shows which have become legendary for the way they "WOW!" the crowd by changing up roles on stage and behind the turntables showcasing their golden era of hip-hop music skills. High energy, innovative, memorable and fresh are perfect adjectives to describe what an Asamov live show is like!

In 2003 Asamov was signed to Major League Baseball player Desi Relaford's (Toronto Blue Jays) 6 Hole Records as the labels first act. This opportunity has given Asamov the financial backing they needed to grown a real fan base and begin building their careers in the music game.

For more info on Asamov visit: http://www.myspace.com/asamov or www.6Hole.com

To view exclusive pics of the "And Now..." Mural visit: http://photobucket.com/albums/y99/904hiphop/Asamov%20PR/Mural/?action=view&slideshow=true

For more information, contact:
Damian Marley
(904) 803-1925

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