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Hip Hop Clothing, Urban Clothes Now Easily Accessible Online

Hip Hop Gear Shop has partnered with Dr. Jay's to bring hip hop clothing online and make it easier to find on the web.

(PRWEB) September 11, 2005 -- Hip hop clothing has been in the mainstream of fashion trends for over the past ten years. For years now, famous rappers have been seeking to capitalize on their popularity and success by launching clothing lines and entering the fashion world. Some have failed miserably while a select few have experienced immense success.

Available at malls and retail chains nation wide, top brands such as Sean John, by P.Diddy, G Unit Clothing, by 50 Cent, Phat Farm, by Russel Simmons, and Akademiks have become very popular with the young, hip hop generation. Several retailers have been at the forefront of this hip hop gear revolution in fashion and leader at the head of the back has always been Dr. Jay's.

The urban clothing market has grown to incredible proportions with so many brands and styles available that regular retails stores simply can not keep all the variations in stock. It's known however, that this generation of hip hop fashion fans likes to be individuals rather than follow the pack and therefore they are always seeking out the newest styles before they become too mainstream. This key factor explains the success of Dr.Jays which stocks over four thousand items of urban clothing. One can browse their numerous selection of urban clothes brands, styles and sizes including jeans, shirts, sweaters, shorts, t-shirts and even accessories such as handbags and jewelry.

By partnering with DrJays, Hiphopgearshop.com is entering a partnership of huge benefit for both parties, combining the high traffic domain name with the complete hip hop clothing catalog that DrJays has to offer to today's urban consumer. Many brands carried by Hip Hop Gear Shop appeal to an even wider consumer base than the every day hip hop or rap fan.

Brands such as LRG clothing, Kangol, and Enyce have gained a huge following among a various cross section of young people, including those in the more rural or upscale areas. Hip hop clothing is no longer bound by geographical, political or musical boundaries which is also demonstrated so effectively by the success of women's brands, mainly Baby Phat, Apple Bottoms, and Ecko Red.

Every day, hip hop fashion gains more and more exposure as more celebrities are seen wearing the clothes at award shows, in music videos and during every day life. The high popularity of the rappers and hip hop leaders like 50 Cent, Jay Z, LL Cool J and Nelly helps increase awareness of this new cultural revolution in fashion. Urban clothing is bold, fresh and truly expressive of the hunger and fearlessness of the hip hop generation. While many swap meets and stores try to add a wide selection of gear to their chains, it's very hard to match the great variety of brands, styles and sizes that is available online at Hiphopgearshop.

For more information visit: Hip Hop Gear Shop - Urban Clothing.


Alex Keyan
Hip Hop Gear Shop

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