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Hip-Hop Organizations Form Alliance

For the purpose of advancing education

September 21, 2005

The Hip Hop Congress and the Hip-Hop Association are presently creating a collection that will include lesson plans, curricula, and other teaching tools from educators in the U.S. and abroad. This collection will be made available to members of the community in the form of an electronic database and printed guidebook.

With over 500 educators between both organizations teaching at various schools, colleges, and universities across the country, this relationship will provide credible opportunities to test, evaluate and present irrefutable data. This data will be used to demonstrate to policymakers, funders and educational institutions the power of utilizing Hip-Hop as an educational tool.

In addition, Hip Hop Congress has joined the Hip-Hop Association's 2006 H2Ed Summer Academy as a co-sponsor. The academy is a weeklong evaluation program where educators and youth practice a variety of methods to use of Hip-Hop in the classroom.

For More Information:

Hip Hop Congress
Aaron Berkowitz, PR Chair

Hip-Hop Association
Mona Ibrahim, Director of Community Partnerships

About Hip Hop Congress

Hip Hop Congress is an international grassroots network that educates, empowers, and unites individuals by inspiring social action and cultural creativity within the community by merging with artists and students, music and community.

About the Hip Hop-Association

The Hip Hop-Association, an organization that focuses on facilitating, fostering, and preserving Hip Hop culture through media, education and community building has produced an annual education summit that brings Teachers, Organizers, Parents, Social workers, and Youth since 2003.

Aaron Berkowitz
AIM: wutimelite
PR Chair Hip Hop Congress

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