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Canadian Hip-Hop Personalities Endorse 'Metronome' Foundation

"Multicultural states have often resulted from conquest or colonialism
- in Canada, a country blessed with more prosperity and political
stability than most, we are making ours methodically and democratically."

Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, [1968] Ottawa Speech

August 30th, 2005
Toronto -- "Uniting a nation through music" is the inspiration behind
the debut 'Metronome' Artist Support print PSA from Canada's
award-winning Lyrical Knockout Entertainment imprint featuring Hip-Hop Canadian
personality elite, in support of Metronome founder John Harris' planned
Canada Music Museum and world's first Music City in Downtown Toronto's
Harbourfront district.

Produced by rap radio host of Indian heritage Raoul Juneja (a.k.a.
Deejay Ra), the Metronome Artist Support print PSAs are also aimed at
stronger integration of Canada's Hip-Hop personalities in the country's
music and media industry at large, starting with Canadian Hip-Hop founders
Wes 'Maestro' Williams and Michelle 'Michie Mee' McCullock who Juneja
claims "are long overdue for stars on Canada's Walk of Fame and numerous
Canadian award show tributes."

"Maestro and Michie introduced Canada to forms of music that were
unheard of and even ridiculed by many at the time," explains emcee Tara
Chase, who helped Juneja launch the first Canadian 'Hip-Hop Appreciation
Week' May 2003 with the support of the National Film Board of Canada.
"Maestro and Michie did for Hip-Hop in this country what Alanis Morissette
and Bryan Adams did for rock, and should be held in the same regard,"
adds Spade of Juno-nominated rap group Citizen Kane.

More details about the Metronome Foundation and additional Artist
Support quotes available at MetronomeCanada.com and LyricalKnockout.com

Attached 'Metronome Rap' print PSA courtesy of Bluetree Graphics, with
support photography by Holly Mitchell.
94.9 CHRW

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