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Interactive Online Rap Music Trivia Game

Are You Curious To Know Why Hundreds of Hip Hop Fans Are Rushing To Get More Knowledgeable About Hip Hop Culture?

(PRWEB) September 15, 2005 -- Raptrivia.com will soon open its virtual doors as the first interactive online music trivia gaming website dedicated to hip-hop music. More that just an ordinary online gaming website, Raptrivia brings money to the table as online users compete against one another. With only a few seconds to answer each question there is no time to search for answers but instead strategize with new friends in the battle arena for weekly and annual cash prizes from $90 to $10,000

"I believe that this company will be the next big hit to the music industry since Napster" says customer Dan Nguyen. The heart of Raptrivia is a unique, interactive, and entertaining environment. To create a feeling that builds excitement in anticipation of weekly contests.

With close relation to the more familiar DVD game Scene It!, which brought excitement of the movie industry to the homes of millions of people, Raptrivia will bring the same excitement from the music industry to millions of music lovers online, who will finally get the chance to spill out their love for music in the form of cash.


Bogdan Epureanu

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