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Mercora IM Radio Accounts For Over 45% of All Daily U.S. Radio Programming

IM Radio Takes Programming Share From AM, FM, XM and Internet Radio

Santa Clara, CA -- (ArriveNet - Sep 20, 2005) --Mercora, the worlds largest and fastest growing legal digital music radio network, today announced that its Individual Modulation or IM Radio service now accounts for over 45 percent of all daily U.S. radio programming, including AM, FM, XM and web radio. The numbers are indicative of the powerful trend towards personal broadcasting, with consumers demanding choice and control.

With a daily peak of 47,000 channels or 1.2 million peak programming hours, and daily average of 35,000 channels or 840,000 average programming hours, Mercora IM Radio has already evolved into the largest music radio network1. IM Radio also represents the largest music catalog available to listeners, with over 2.5 million unique tracks representing more than 200,000 artists and over 250 genres.

IM Radios live music search puts people in touch with the music they want to hear when they want to hear it; new music and artists are also easily discovered using this strong social media platform. With the recent launch of Mercora IM Radio Artist Edition and sponsorship of the Los Angeles Music Awards, independent artists are finding a significant opportunity and vehicle to showcase their talent to a large, global audience.

Were pleasantly surprised by the amount of programming available on our network through user- and artist-contributed radio, said Srivats Sampath, president & CEO, Mercora. Mercora IM Radio represents a seminal shift in radio, with individually programmed radio emerging as a significant music medium.

About Mercora, Inc.
Mercora's mission is to completely redefine radio by creating the worlds largest user-contributed digital radio network. Mercoras IM Radio represents over 40% of all U.S. daily radio programming. Mercora (www.mercora.com) is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA.

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1 Programming share numbers are conservatively based on the most recent publicly available figures stating that there are approximately 10,000 commercial, 2,500 non-commercial, 400 satellite, and 15,000 Internet radio stations or channels, providing music, talk and sports programming daily in the US. Daily programming on Mercora represents the amount of music made available for listening on the Mercora Network every day

Media Contact:
Paula Dunne, Contos Dunne Communications for Mercora
1.408.776.1400 office; 1.408.893.8750 mobile; email: paula@contosdunne.com

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