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Music Unlimited Records' Debut Single- "I'll Be There"

NEW YORK, NY, Tuesday, September 13, 2005, -- Music Unlimited Records brings the rap underground to light. Founder/CEO A.V. Hodge releases Music Unlimited Records debut single, Ill Be There by Chase. The M.U. label is a unique one that concentrates its efforts on compilation albums featuring underground artists. First to shine is Chase. The Bronx, NY bred MC has been compared to both DMX and Fat Joe. Thats a wicked combination.

-Ill Be There- is the first single off of the eighteen (18) track compilation album titled -American Street Dreams-. Chase delivers a look into having a friends back and holding down his family while hes away no matter what because he knows the friend would do the same for him. His delivery and word play is necessary in a game where artists come in roaring like lions and leave silent like lambs.

We all know that Michael Jordan was the best in the game, but how many street ball legends that never got a real shot would beg to differ? Ask that same question of Hip Hop. We all know about Jay-Z, Nas, DMX, and Jada, but what about the names that have yet to be discovered. Is there an artist out there that will one day be considered the best? Chase throws his hat into the ring and lets the platinum albums fall where they may.

Alvito Hodge

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