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New Podcasting Clearinghouse and Alliance Emerges

Podcasting organization will provide education, resources, demographic studies, and networking opportunities for podcasters.

Baltimore, MD (PRWEB) September 20, 2005 -- Podcasters are applauding the creation of the Ultimate Podcast Alliance And Consortium ("UPAAC"), an organization that will marshall resources and support services for both amateur and professional podcasters. The organization will offer podcasters an array of benefits designed to help them launch and operate their podcasts, including the ability to monetize their efforts.

UPAAC, the brain child of WebRadioUSA president Glenn Garnes, will provide it's members with access to a special membership directory of vendors, and consultants who offer special rates and programs to UPAAC members. Access to a consortium of vendors who can offer products and services for sale on podcasting sites in exchange for commissions, demographic data relevant to the podcasting community, special webinars, seminars and teleconferences on the "how to" of podcasting will also be available.

The organization will also support the study of more efficient ways to reduce bandwidth usage and costs, among other things.

"We are delighted to give back to the podcasting community by creating this organization, said Garnes. "We hope that our efforts will be looked at as a significant contribution to the long term growth and viability of podcasting", Garnes added.

For information about the Ultimate Podcast Alliance and Consortium please contact:

Glenn K. Garnes
866-452-9847 Toll Free
301-776-1490 Local

# # #

Glenn Garnes
Ultimate Podcast Alliance and Consortium

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