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One Step Closer to the Box Office - New York's Dark Angles AKA Boogiemen with a Hip-Hop Twist

New York's Dark Angles, are sure to be a box office hit amongst the hip-hop fans.

(PRWEB) September 15, 2005 -- New York Flavor & Fashions LLC creates The North, South, and East & Westside Boogiemen. The Boogiemen are cartoon characters and they are very popular and based of the line of clothing. According to Harris, President and CEO of New York Flavor & Fashions LLC, (A.K.A. Mario, Luccioni), People are standing in line for hours just to get a T-shirts or poster with the Boogiemen on it. Many people are ordering on line. New York Flavor and Fashions LLC reports that they are having a hard time keeping Boogiemen products in stock due to high demand, according to Luccioni we are one step closer to finishing up the movie short for the upcoming film New York Dark Angles.

The movie takes place in the city of New York. The Boogiemen have a predilection for hip-hop music- a common ground for t he people, overwhelmingly men, who buy the gear.

The four cardinal characters possess all the abilities to be expected of supernatural hoodlums: telepathy, time and space travel, and infinite powers of destruction. All except North Side, who appears purely African-American, are racially and ethnically mixed with black overtones (a marketing tool to reach other sectors of the urban audience, Luccioni says). With a demonic air, the roam the streets trying up troupe, killing and fighting with one another. The whole essence is that these Boogiemen are taking over New York City, and the police are trying to destroy them, says Luccioni. The film will unify the black community with an overtly Catholic plot, including trips to the Vatican, A nun who sheds tears of blood who happens to be tow people capable of destroying the Boogiemen. The ultimate hero, though his closer to home for the target viewers; a young African-American boy whose father was killed in a gang shooting.

Luccioni notes that the Short was shoot this past summer and they are in the process of selecting music for the finishing touches. The short is expected to be completed the first of November and could reach film festivals around the world as early as December.

Luccioni is the mastermind behind the up and coming urban clothing company New York Flavor & Fashions llc. Which carries the lines of Zulu gear and A P & P Property. The film's Director is Tami Anderson, who has worked on the set of the "Crow."

The Boogiemen are quickly becoming popular among the hip-hop audience. The Boogiemen product can be seen at Atlantas AmericasMart and Vegas Magic this fall.

This movie short has all the makings of a good box office hit!

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New York Flavor & Fashions LLC

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