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Producers Bless, K-Mack and Corte of SoulDiggaz Productions will appear on the popular music count-down Rap City, Producers week

This Thursday September 29, 2005 -Hosted by Remy Ma guest Mack 10 and Red Caf.

Segment Airdate Scheduled for September 29, 2005 at 4:00 PM

For the SoulDiggaz (Bless and K-Mack), music has always been a part of their lives. Being step-brothers, they both grew up listening to the same music, citing the Fat Boys, Run DMC, Eric B & Rakim and New Edition as musical influences. But they weren't trying to figure out the dance moves in the video for the next school dance, or even dress like their counterparts.

They were simply listening to the beat.

"We would wonder what instrument they used to achieve a sound; we dissected the music we listened to, from the synthesizer to the vocals," says Bless. "We listened to everything, from Rock to R&B."
Although their talents brought them to begin both a DJ and Rap career separately, they both agreed that beats were where their hearts were and in 1995, SoulDiggaz Productions was founded. Their goal was simple: to get tracks on the radio, and to be identified by sound. They knew however, that to achieve that they would have to get a well-known artist to sing on one of their tracks and get the placements they would need in order to be successful.

Through networking parties and their own groundwork, in 1998 Bless and K-Mack recorded a track on Pras' solo debut Ghetto Superstar. From there, the doors opened to new opportunities, recording tracks for Mary J. Blige, Beyonc_nowles, Bad Boy recording artist Loon and a host of others. Soon after, another connection would essentially push their business of beats to the next level.

In 2001 they met Corte Ellis, a gifted writer who would soon join their already successful production company. Ellis mentioned he had a famous cousin, Missy Elliott, and eventually set up the meeting between her and the guys. After a long wait on the set of one of her videos for Under Construction, the SoulDiggaz signed a major production deal with Missy in 2003; she contacted them only two days after meeting with them. The alliance lead to co-producing tracks with Missy on the Honey and Fighting Temptations soundtrack, scoring for Missy and Madonna's Gap commercials and the theme song for self-titled sitcom, Eve. They were also the first producers hired to work on select ringtones with Sprint Communications. In an industry currently influenced by sex and violence, they hope to achieve a quality that K-Mack describes as "very street, yet very soulful, but in all feel-good music with a positive
vibe that can inspire kids." As a team, they only see the possibilities. "We enjoy the process of developing artists," says K-Mack. "People don't take chances anymore, but being different wins," he adds. SoulDiggaz Productions is just that: the difference.

Constantly finding ways to expand their business as a production company, SoulDiggaz have signed to their moniker artists that encompass many genres, including Rap, Hip-Hop and Rock. Setting a unique mission for themselves, they intend to provide artist management and be the 'go-to' guys for production and a host of other talents they bring to the table.


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