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Rap Ireland Magazine goes nationwide

The rise of Hip-Hop in Ireland has once again been proven with Number 1 Hip-Hop Magazine Rap Ireland securing nationwide distribution from Easons within its first year of publication. Originally released under the name Hip-Hop Ireland, Rap Ireland has built up a strong following from street level to mainstream media, as proven by the sales figures of previous issues and the amazing attendances at recent Rap Ireland club nights.

Now in its fourth issue, the innovating magazine continues to support local Irish Hip-Hop while promoting the wider Hip-Hop culture in Ireland. As CEO/Founder Kev Storrs said in interview:

This is the music, the culture, of a new generation. For too long Irish culture has been pigeonholed into the old Irish stereotypes. Those stereotypes are far from reality in todays Ireland, where the culture is fast becoming a huge melting pot. Hip-Hop music has the ability to bring people of all nationalities, all creeds and all religions together in a way no other musical genre can do. Our aim is to document this new Irish revolution. From the Irish kids making refreshingly different rap music to the internationally infused flavours of the immigrant communities, Rap Ireland is giving these people a voice.

And once given the voice these guys are shouting! In the last 12 months Irish based Hip-Hop has skyrocketed, with the number of recording artists fast multiplying and international artists clamouring to get in on the action. Rap Ireland has covered these stories diligently, interviewing high-flyers such as Rob Kelly, The Elements and Geneseas, while securing exclusive stories from international acts visiting these shores. On September 1st Rap Ireland hits stores nationwide with a bang. Dont miss out on this unfolding story

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