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S.A.S. News: Missing you feat S.A.S / Baby Blu / Bigz / Ill Millz / Young Pro

S.A.S. members Mega and Mayhem have come together with members of the UK hip hop fraternity to record the track 'Missing You' -a moving homage to those who lost their lives on the 7/7/2005.Mega explained why they came together; Basically our boy was on the train and it affected us all. It affected the whole city, the whole country! Mayhem continued, It was a wake up call, it made us realise that terrorism can happen anywhere and it doesnt discriminate about your religion or the colour of your skin.

The track features the reminiscences of Wale Akerele who was on the first carriage of the Kings Cross train and lucky enough to survive, unlike many others who were on the same train. The track emphasises how an event like this makes us all realise how precious life really is through the emotive raps of S.A.S members Mega and Mayhem, with MCsBaby Blu, Bigz,Ill Millz andYoung Pro. All money raised from the track will go to the London Bombing Releif Charitable Fund.

Sean Mega Williams and Melvin Mayhem Williams are the brothers from East Finchley who became S.A.S. Their early diet of basketball and hip hop influenced them both to put pen to paper and write raps of their own.

They moved to New York City to attend high school in 1997 on a basketball scholarship. Once they had got over the culture shock of moving the U.S. they got down to business as Mayhem explains; It started off through battling on the streets, we started of in Staten Island, then we went to Brooklyn then we ended in Harlem.

S.A.S. gained global press attention thanks to Roc-A-Fellas Damon Dash expressing an interest in them. However, S.A.S. were never formally signed to his label, but they have been signed to The Diplomats since 2003. We approached the Diplomats on the street level and we had mutual friends in Harlem Mayhem explained. They felt the way we were on a character level. When they realised we were talented on a music level we went and recorded three songs with them in a hotel and then we were on Top Of The Pops with them when they performed Hey Ma. It was crazy!

S.A.S. are due to release their album, Diplomats Present, Streets All Salute -The Prequel Album, which will be distributed through Diplomat Records Europe wide

If you would like to interview S.A.S or would like further information about the track Missing You, please Contact: Angharad Williams at Fire Media UK angharad@firemediauk.com or 07946 035 789.


* Cited as One to Watch in the Metro August 15 2005.
* Don't Even Think About It and their collaboration with Haze Bad Boys is featured on the Westwood album Heat (July 2005).
* They appeared in the recently released movie State Property 2.
* They featured on 3 tracks on the Diplomatic Immunity 2 album (2004).
* S.A.S. have opened for Kanye Wests first UK concert and toured with Camron and The Diplomats in the States.
* Their Who Dares Wins mixtape has sold in excess of 10,000 copies to date.
* S.A.S. appeared on billboards worldwide as part of the Roc-A-Wear campaign (2004)
* They have been featured in The Source in the United States and France
* S.A.S. were never signed to Damon Dashs Roc-A-Fella records despite his claims to the press.

Angharad Williams
Fire Media UK
07946 035 789

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