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The only Urban Themed Film Festival in North Carolina

On the campus of the University of North Carolina in Greensboro (UNCG), the Elliot University Center auditorium will become the festival screening location for the Urban Literary Film Festival. This years festival will take place on October 21-23, 2005 and will feature close to 40 submitted films from filmmakers and production studios from around the country. After the successful implementation of last years film festival, filmmakers and production studios from around the country have taken notice and responded to the call for entries of quality films for this year.

Loosely modeled after other landmark festivals such as Sundance and the Toronto Film Festival, the Urban Literary Film Festival seeks to encourage and empower the North Carolina film, technology and music industries through this platform that will both attract and develop our local urban talent. This festival will provide different businesses and aspiring individuals an official forum and outlet to showcase and network. With a focus on programs to strengthen and stimulate an interest in the film production infrastructure within the state, the ULFFs existence alone will promote cultural diversity within the film industry. Through the positive reception we enjoyed after last years festival, the increased number of venues and screenings, and the expanded coverage from media outlets, the Urban Literary Film Festival will be recognized as one of the top film festivals in the United States.

The goal of the ULFF is straightforward; to develop opportunity and exposure on all levels for the urban-independent filmmaker and organizational alliances, whose involvements will make a difference on a national and local level. These relationships will aid in regional arts and culture education, business development, as well as aiding in strengthening North Carolinas filmmaking infrastructure to help make it a magnet for new people and new jobs.

With that said, we are very proud to announce that Christopher Martin, internationally known to many Hiphop movie and music fans as Play from the rap and acting duo Kid n Play, not only serves as Executive Director of Amen Films, but also sits on the planning board for the ULFF. His film companies, Amen Films and HP4 Digital Works, has just negotiated a distribution deal with Maverick Entertainment to produce and or acquire up to 12 movies a year, which will be distributed by MEGs Spirit label.

Amen Films, LLC:
Amen Films, LLC, is an Atlanta-based Film and Entertainment company produces, distributes and markets Christian and Inspirational Films within and throughout the global Christian community via radio, television, magazine, special events and internet multi-media.

HP4 Digital Works:
Fueled with a new divine purpose and hope, Christopher Martin is Executive Director of Amen Films, and Founder and CEO of HP4 Digital Works and Solutions. Ready to use a 20 year plus experience in the entertainment business, HP4 Digital Works and Solutions is a production company that provides service for digital motion picture projects. From pre-production to post production for television, cable and, or theatrical presentations Hp4 Digital Works and Solutions can help an artist and, or company through consultation and hands-on service from A to Z.

Maverick Entertainment Group Inc. (MEG):
A leader in the domestic home video arena, MEG specializes in the production, acquisition and distribution of niche films. Founder and President Doug Schwab is a 26-year veteran in the film and distribution industry. He has cemented the eight -year-old company as the leading entity for these fast growing markets with over 400 films distributed in the U.S. under the labels Maverick Platinum, Latino, Creep FX, Fusion, Spirit and Maverick Entertainment.

The Maverick Entertainment Group is a leader in the domestic home video arena, MEG specializes in the production, acquisition and distribution of niche films. Founder and President Doug Schwab is a 26-year veteran in the film and distribution industry. He has cemented the eight -year-old company as the leading entity for these fast growing markets with over 400 films distributed in the U.S. under the labels Maverick Platinum, Latino, Creep FX, Fusion, Spirit and Maverick Entertainment. MEGs films can be found on the shelves of all of the major video stores and retail outlets such as Blockbuster, Wal-Mart, Hollywood Video, Movie Gallery, Best Buy and Circuit City to name just a few. This relationship with Christopher Martin will now place the Urban Literary Film Festival as a real option for local filmmakers to attain distribution opportunities.

The Urban Literary Film Festival provides a great opportunity to expose the filmmakers creation to film buyers and the general public. The ULFF is constantly approached by filmmakers with completed projects with no resources of showing them to the public. For the aspiring filmmaker, the festival will provide you an education without spending tens of thousands of dollars. All screenings will be open to the public for an admission cost per screening.

The welcoming of the festival by the North Carolina Film Commission has been overwhelming. The entire staff at the ULFF is greatly appreciative of the support and is looking forward to October 2005. "Last year we experienced phenomenal growth and community support," recalls film festival co-founder, Joseph A. Wilkerson III. "North Carolina is a virtual abyss of talent that will be recognized as a place where urban-themed filmmakers, writers, actors, and soundtrack technicians can make their dreams a reality!

The Urban Literary Film Festival will be held October 21-23 in Greensboro, NC on the campus of UNCG in the EUC auditorium. Festival organizers may be contacted at UrbanLiterature@triad.rr.com and films should be sent to the Urban Literary Film Festival 2006, 825 Valley Oak Drive, Greensboro, NC 27406.

For all ULFF events and screening time, please visit the festival website for details and sponsorship information. http://www.ULFF.org

(336)379-7746 - Joseph A. Wilkerson III
(336)558-9018 - Leo L. Ballard

This is about 95% of the films that we have received for this years film festival (October 21-23, 2005). Screen shoots are available for these films, if requested. Please contact us at UrbanLiterature@triad.rr.com to process that request or if any press that would like to be in attendance.

The Man Who Wasn't There (Cha Wu Ci Ren), Chun-Han Chih
Narrative, 31 min.
It is a story about two men, searching the way out on the endless road and in an empty city respectively. The relation between the two men is going to appear at the end of story.

Closure, directed by JAYDEE
Narrative, 9 min.
Jess is an attractive, progressive, normal woman in her 30's, but her dating experiences have been far from that. Join her on ten of those dates in this self-affirming hilarious, urban comedy.

MC Sellouts Scandal, Domingo Martin
Mocumentary, 7 min.
MC Sellout is hip-hop's latest sensation who's rumored to be getting soft. Now, Sellout must meet with his Publicist and Manager to help come up with some very creative ideas to regain his credibility and sellout his upcoming album.

Finding My Precious Basquiat, Johnalynn Holland
Narrative, 30 min.
Mali Jones is a young artist who bears the pain of success. Secluded in a world of drugs, insecurity and art her only escape is conversations with her idol, artist Basquiat.

Tahara, Sara Rashad
Drama, 18 min., 2004
TAHARA is the story of Amina, an Egyptian housewife living in Los Angeles, who must decide if she will follow tradition and circumcise her daughter, Suha, or if she will abandon this age old practice and save Suha from circumcision. Despite it's illegality, Amina feels strongly that she must continue this tradition because of pressure she receives from her mother, Zeinab, when her husband is away on a business trip.

A Period Piece, Camille Holder-Brown
Narrative, 20 min.
Sionne, a sixth-grader at Maxiville Middle School is the only girl in her class that is not excited about getting or already having their menstrual cycle. If only Sionne could beam herself away to a world where young girls never got their periods, then she would be happy. Fat chance, defying the laws of nature is virtually impossible. Sionne will get her period, it's just a matter of when, where, and in front of whom. What will she do?

Rubber Soles, Christine F. Turner
Narrative, 10 min.
Francis is an eleven year-old record collector who's got a brand new bag.

5 lbs. of Damn Handsome, Molly Schwartz
Animation, 1 min.
A short introduction to Phlea.

Whose Children Are These?, Theresa Thanjan
Documentary, 27 min.
Whose Children Are These? gives an in depth and gripping view into the lives of three Muslim teenagers impacted by the Federal Policy of Special Registration and Prejudice. The film introduces us to Mohammad, a high school basketball player who was almost deported, Navila, a young woman who fought to have her father released from prison detention and Hager, a young woman who becomes a youth activist fighting bias crimes in the city.

Harmony in Red, Niki Yang
Animation, 8 min.
A raccoon dreams every night about home, but he lives in a deserted place with bizarre creatures. One day he gets a pinecone, which he plants, and his life begins to grow.

February One, Steven Channing
Documentary, 61 min.
The world can change in a day despite hard-fought gains in the fight for racial equality, segregation remained firmly entrenched in 1960 America. Black citizens in the South were still treated as second-class citizens and their calls for justice remained largely unheard by the nation. There had been some advances in the arena of civil rights with the Brown v. the Board of Education U.S. Supreme Court decision (1954), the Montgomery bus boycott (1955-1956) and the federally enforced desegregation of Little Rock (Ark.) High school (1957), but after that, strong defiance by ardent segregationists pushed the Movement into retreat.

BGirl, Emily Dell
Drama, 15 min.
B-Girl is a story of hip-hop, of what it means to be a breaker. Angel (Jules Urich) is a b-girl struggling in the six-step, a fundamental move. Her coach, Carlos (Ogie Banks III) and her all-male crew doubt her skill and with a huge competition coming up, Angel has to prove her place among them. She stays to practice late at night, working at home and building her strength. She doesnt just succeed; she blows the room away.

Glass Camouflage, Les Rivera
Drama, 8 min.
Glass Camouflage is a film about a young black kid who is the lead singer in a punk rock band. He feels isolated because there are not many black kids like him doing what hes doing and certain obstacles present themselves to him that white kids doing the same kind of music wouldn't have to necessarily deal with.

Black Russians, Kara Lynch
Documentary, 116 min.
'Black Russians' is a feature length documentary that investigates the lives of contemporary Afro-Russians aged 10 to 65, born and raised in Soviet Russia. Their experiences chronicle two ideological currents that have shaped major international events in the twentieth century: race and communism. Intimate interviews with a poet, a film producer, a reggae artist, a businessman and others, all Black and all Russian, guide us through this story of promise and non-discrimination. Archive images reveal rarely seen footage of Black political leaders in the Soviet Union, like Paul Robeson, Kwame Nkruma and Angela Davis. More than a decade after the 'fall of communism' a new Russia struggles to steady itself in the wave of nationalism from within and the pressures of global capitalism from without. 'Black Russians' constructs a deeply personal account of the effects of political issues such as migration, identity and loss on a minority community in the vast remains of the Soviet Union.

Night, Marlon Reid
Drama, 33 min
Omar Jaminson is man that has it all, a beautiful girlfriend and a good paying job, but yet he lives a dangerous double lifestyle by being sexual active with men and other women. Being HIV positive, he is enjoying a game of unprotected sexual roulette until one night his conscious begins to eat away at him.

Put the Needle on the Record, Jason Rem
Documentary, 83 min
A veritable head-spinning ride through dance music culture, history lessons and actual gigs included, Jason Rems Put the Needle on the Record was shot during one week in March 2003, during the Winter music conference in South Beach, Miami. Every genre of music conceivable within the dance music genre from big beat, ambient, breakbeat, downtempo, deep house, industrial, rave to industrial and trance come alive in this documentary. A treat for dance music lovers. Featuring DJs such as Christopher Lawrence, Roger Sanchez, Jesse Saunders, Dirty Vegas, DJ Colette, Marques Wyatt, The Crystal Method, Jason Bentley, Charles Feelgood amongst many others.

ON THE LOW, Luther Mace
Drama, 15 min.
An African American high school student comes to terms with his relationship with another boy.

Root Doctor, Emily Edwards
Drama, 53 minutes
Four women search rural North Carolina for the legendary root doctor, Onzi Jack, and a cure for all their sorrows.

Bullets In The Hood, Terrence Fisher
Documentary, 22 min
Terrence Fisher, a teen living in the Louis Armstrong housing project in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, has had seven of his friends shot and killed with guns. Terrence is not a gang member or a drug dealerjust a normal teenager who likes making hip-hop music with his friends. What could Terrence do to stop gun violence in Bed-Stuy before losing another friend, or his own life? Terrence and a fellow teen filmmaker, Daniel Howard, picked up a camera to tell the story about gun violence in Bed-Stuy.
Ironically, a few months into the production, Terrence lost another friend, Timothy, his best friend from elementary school, who was shot and killed by a police officer right in front of Terrence. The Bed-Stuy residents were outraged by the killing of an innocent teen. However, the Grand Jury decided that the shooting was merely a tragic accident and no indictment was issued against the officer, despite Police Commissioner Ray Kellys assessment that the killing was "unjustified."

#1, James Breen
Drama, 30 min
A blue collar morality tale, #1 tells the story of Leon, a struggling independent locksmith, who is tempted to use his skills for crime in order to help his family.

Harlem Fight Song, directed by Konrad Aderer
Drama, 11:41min.
A young Chinese-American in Harlem finds first hostility, then mutual respect in a martial arts challenge. Mirroring the current transformation of this historic African-American neighborhood, the music of Charles Mingus is the heartbeat driving this confrontation to its climax: a first-ever duel between the styles of kung-fu and capoeira. Winner: Cinevue International Film Festival Special Jury Award, Outstanding Narrative Short.

A Tale of Two Cities, directed by Abby Ginzberg
Documentary, 35 min.
When students who live in Bayview-Hunters Point and the Fillmore first walk through St. Francis Wood, it is an eye-opening experience for them, one that they turn into a moving piece of spoken word performance art in A Tale of Two Cities.

The Story of Breakout, Michael J. Dennis
Narrative, 26 min.
The Story of Breakout chronicles the life of Philadelphia's hottest mixtape emcee. Following the path of rap legends DMX, Eminem and 50 Cent, Breakout is known for his "diss records," which throw scathing insults at other rappers. having released nearly 80 albums in just over two years, is he living his dream or just a fantasy?

Hiphop Resurrection: From NY to NZ, Mike Deet
Documentary, 54 min.
"HIP-HOP RESURRECTION" features the hottest Hip-Hop from the Pacific
Island nation of New Zealand! Showcasing the true love, commitment
and loyalty to the original elements of this adopted musical culture.
This colorful documentary explores the distinct parallels of history,
socio-political issues, class systems, land rights and reparations
that exists between the conditions of Polynesians living in modern NZ
and of the ethnic & indigenous cultures of the USA.

Arthur! A Celebration of Life: The Life Story of Tennis Great Arthur Ashe,
Joseph H. James, Jr.
Docu-Drama, 80 min
A Docu-Drama about tennis legend Arthur Ashe

I Will, Donavan Lambert
Drama, 34 min.
William Johnson is an established writer who has everything. Hes young, handsome and successful, but he is dying. Instead of falling into depression and feeling sorry for himself, he decides to arrange a reunion.

Accidental Life, Robert W. DeOcampo
Drama, 18 min.
'Accidental Life' is a gripping urban drama about the love a single mother and son share for one another as they wade through the dangerous waters of poverty, loss and drug abuse.

Graffiti Verite 2, Bob Bryan
Documentary, 57 min.
GV2 follows in the footsteps of Graffiti Verite, the multi award-winning documentary that explored the worlds of hip-hop and graffiti. This second film also helps to unearth the truth about the historical relevance of the graffiti art movement, set against the backdrop of today's urban landscape.

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