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Hanibal Chancellor presents the eagerly- awaited, highly anticipated soundtrack OVERDOSE Vol: 1

Washington, D.C. Underworld Records is set to release their debut album OVERDOSE; which is accompanied by a Bonus DVD. The soundtrack is to the recently released mini-movie documentary OVERDOSE Vol. I. With this release, Underworld has set a new standard in hip-hop. This soundtrack has the makings of a bona fide hip hop classic with its sonically detailed production, live instruments, rolling bass lines and syncopated lyrics. OVERDOSE takes you on a musical odyssey that is guaranteed to rattle your speakers!

The OVERDOSE soundtrack features some of undergrounds most sought after artists and producers such as, Big Duce aka Mr. Greedy a rising producer from Pittsburgh, PA; who has recorded with the likes of Hypnotize Minds, 3 Six Mafia and Rocafella Records - Young Gunz. Slash, another hot and smoking producer from H-town, TX, with the hit Tops Drop by underground legend Fat Pat. Also, Big Pokey of the Screwed Up Click (SUC) is just one of the many featured artists on the OVERDOSE soundtrack. He is currently having success on Paul Walls hit record Sittin Sideways. Big Pokey has also had a tremendous amount of success as an independent artist selling over 200,000 units nationwide!

OVERDOSE has generated a tremendous amount of street buzz with the release of the DVD. Overcoming all odds, Michael Anthony aka Hanibal, the soundtracks executive producer, has assembled this musical masterpiece through blood, sweat and tears. It has been a long rough road but we are finally here. Its now our time to shine and make our presence known, says Hanibal.

To get more information on Underworld Records and to place your order for this blazing hot soundtrack and the highly demanded DVD OVERDOSE which has been selling out of stores nationwide; log on to www.underworldrecords.com.

Contact: Hanibal Chancellor
Underworld Records

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