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Herschelwood HardHeadz Go 8100% For New Album


Delivering true to life gangsta flows on countless DJ Screws mix
tapes, A Million Dollars Later (1998), All Work, No Play (1999), and
Soldiers United For The Cash: The Sound Track (2001), The Herschelwood
HardHeadz is poised with 8100% Blocked Out, on HardHeadz
Entertainment. Herschelwood HardHeadz has ranked on Billboard Heat
Seekers chart at number 20 and ranked at number 54 for the Top R&B/Hip
Hop Albums for their last album "A Million Dollars Later" in 1998.

Named after the south side Houston Texas neighborhood they grew up in
and their state of mind to "the game", the group Herschelwood
HardHeadz was formed in 1993. Comprising of Duke, Knock, Archie Lee
and former member Lil' KeKe, they made appearances on several of the
late DJ Screw and his collaboration of artists The Screwed Up Click
(SUC) mix tapes and CDs. Gaining a loyal musical following through
their tales of hustling in H- Town's Southpark's hard streets, the
Herschelwood HardHeadz released their first album A Million Dollars

Southern Hip Hop trio Herschelwood HardHeadz are gaining momentum as
they release their full length album "8100% Blocked Out." The
Herschelwood HardHeadz elaborated on 8100% Blocked Out, a two- CD set
(Straight Play and Collector's Edition Chopped & Screwed) after a
recent performance with ScarFace.

"People are going to feel us with 8100% Blocked Out. It shows our
growth musically and business wise. We gonna keep it gangsta," said
Duke aka Pie Face.

"This album is fire man! We're repping our block (Herschelwood) and
the Southern Rap music scene with a sick flows, smooth hooks, and head
boppin' production," he further commented.

8100% Blocked Out features the likes of the late Fat Pat, C- Note and
Billy Cook, with production by The Craft, Beat Brothers, Solo, Da
Assassins, and Kojak.

DJ B- Do produced the Collector's Edition Chopped & Screwed version.

Their singles are "Fire" and "Do Me Regardless."

The album 8100% Blocked Out Single by The Herschelwood HardHeadz,
which includes "Do Me Regardless" and "Fire" is currently available
for review in CD & MP3 format.--

Emerald Records
PH: 281-202-9180
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