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Meet film director, editor and cinematographer Tim Greene @ Tripeg Film Studios next Saturday!!

New Haven, Connecticut The public is invited to attend The Global Entertainment and Media Summit on Saturday October 15th starting at 11am at Tripeg Film Studios located at 2155 State street in Hamden Connecticut, Hip Hop film director Tim Greene will be on hand to show you how to get in on the multi billion dollar film business without having a multi million dollar budget. Tim is known worldwide for green lighting his own feature films and then getting them on the shelf right next to big multi-million dollar Hollywood studio films in record breaking time in 21 countries. Tim will give you secrets on how to:

Market your film worldwide for only $9.99.
What to look for in your actors.
Get any location you want to film on for free.
Be a millionaire indie filmmaker in 3 years or less.
Get your film seen by millions without a movie theater.

After a recent standing room only speaking engagement in London England Tim Greene returns to the United States and hits the east coast for a two-week tour before heading back to Hollywood to start production on a hot new documentary film about the Masi Tribe in Africa. I usually do comedy films, but when this project came my way I could not pass it up, and all of the proceeds from the film will go back to The Masi Tribe to help them build a water well for their village and to buy new books to educate their kids says Greene. Philly filmmaker Crystal Gaines contributed to the cinematography and interviews on the film. Tim plans to release the new Masi documentary in the first quarter of 2006. Tims new Kids comedy feature film will be released in the 2nd quarter of 2006.

At the Global Entertainment And Media Summit you will also be able to meet other industry movers and shakers like:

Michael Butler Producer of Broadway Musical Hair

Hank Bordowitz, Bordowitz Media Werx

Publicist, Howard Bloom

Lee Abrams, XM Satellite Radio

Keynote Open Steve Zuckerman

Neal Thomassen

Q & A with Jeff Greenfield

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