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The Revolution Will Not Be Broadcast. It Will Be HIEROCAST.

Hip-Hop pioneers Hieroglyphics continue to innovate with official monthly podcast

(Brooklyn, NY- October 18, 2005) Hiero Imperium, label home to Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, Souls of Mischief, Casual, O.C. and other indie Hip-Hop legends, has released its' first podcast. Dubbed, "The Hierocast", the monthly series will offer fans a mix of exclusive remixes, pre-release previews, classic tracks and other goodies available solely through the Hierocast.

Hosting duty for the inaugural Hierocast was taken care of by A Plus of Souls of Mischief fame. A Plus uses the opportunity to represent his fellow Hieroglyphics brethren. You'll hear tracks from A Plus, Casual, O.C., Opio, and The Hieroglyphics Crew. The podcast is available as both a normal MP3 podcast and an iTunes Enhanced Podcast, which allows users to easily select songs from within the mix, view multiple artworks, and explore embedded web links.

With the Hierocast, Hiero Imperium continues the tradition of being technological innovators in the world of independent music. The Hieroglyphics website, www.hieroglyphics.com, was one of the first comprehensive record label websites and has been in operation for over nine years. The site continues to innovate and has won awards for excellence in design.

The podcast can be downloaded from the following sources:

From Iconocastic:

Direct link to Normal MP3 version:

Direct link to Enhanced version: (Requires iTunes 5.0 or Higher)

RSS subscription link: (plug this in to you iTunes to subscribe to the Hierocast)

Hierocast picture link:

For Immediate Release
Contact: Gavin Rhodes
(718) 768-7275

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