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STREET TALK: Da Official Guide to Hip-Hop & Urban Slanguage

STREET TALK: Da Official Guide to Hip-Hop & Urban Slanguage could easily be titled Hip-Hop & Urban Slang for Dummies. In his easy-to-read easy-to-follow dictionary/guide, Moe Deezy has done for the Hip-Hop and Urban slang vernacular what Merriam-Webster has done for English.

Nowhere will you find such a complete, thorough, and authentic array of Hip-Hop and Urban street speak as you will find in this unique literary lexicon.

STREET TALK is the perfect reference guide for all those who want or need to understand Hip-Hop and Urban lingo. Young people as well as adults will find STREET TALK the go-to guide for this fascinating style of verbal word play, covert meanings, and hip expressions.

With over 700 pages, 10,000 entries and more, STREET TALK covers every facet of Hip-Hop & Urban culture and the language which defines it. With Hip-Hop and Urban cultures major influence on popular culture today, slang language has finally found its place in the mainstream. Some of the verbiage referenced in STREET TALK, is some of the same slang used by many of todays biggest rappers, actors, and those who have their finger on the pulse of Hip-Hop and Urban culture.

STREET TALK is Hip-Hop & Urban cultures 1st OFFICIAL slang dictionary/guide!

.STREET TALK is something that both the streetz and mainstream can feel. We stamp this the CERTIFIED Ghetto-Webster.
-Susan Hampstead, Senior Editor, DON DIVA Magazine
President, Hampstead Publishing

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