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Zu Ninjaz - Now Justice Album Review [Hip-Hop/Rap - Wu-Tang Clan Fam]

Release Date: 23rd September 2005

(ArriveNet - Oct 17, 2005) - The album kicks off with a nice short intro, which is quickly followed up by a deadly mic assault on the track "Slicer", this pretty much should have set the standards for the remaining tracks on the album. "No Retreat" lives up to its title as 5ft Hyper Sniper, Raw, and Papa Chief's chemistry on this track is quite evidence that they are no rookie or new comers in the game. "Ninja Habitat" is an outstanding track as the sound and feel to it breaks out from the norm of the album, with a mellow, soulful feel to it, as K-blunt cleverly laments/reflects on how the environment has got him in the situation and lifestyle that he currently lives with lines like "dreams of the dreaded drug dealer gettin" drawn back" that's kindda drastic and dilly, I don't like that's why I drink till I'm drunk, don't know how to act/ some get drowsy and drown or catch a heart attack'. click on link below for full review http://wu-international.com/misc_albums/Reviews/ZuNinjaz_NowJustPrv.htm

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