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Tai Chi

In 1992 I decided to return to graduate school.  I eventually ended up at Ohio State University working on a doctorate in Cultural Studies in Education.  At that time I began to study tai chi, a Yang style long form brought to Columbus by Ernie Choi who cofounded Arjuna Movement Arts.  This particular form was practiced by multiple teachers at OSU and I really enjoyed the attention to detail and the slow motion, in the moment, movement.

Long before this I had read the Tao Te Ching and particularly enjoyed a version created by Gia-Fu Feng and Jane English.  But it was my practice of tai chi that helped me to understand how such principles worked in daily life.Tai chi gave me tools for creating peace in the face of violence, including my own anger.  At first it helped me to learn to stand my ground.  Later it taught me how to turn away, out of the path of aggression.

Before long I began teaching many of the beginning tai chi classes at OSU.  I also kept studying with local and visiting teachers.  I loved doing tai chi but I also kept wondering when we'd be dealing with energy in a more conscious way.  Our training focused on physical details and though chi became a clearer aspect of the process, it was never discussed in a direct manner.

My need to know more eventually led me to studying the Universal Tao practices of Mantak Chia.  However, during this time I was also studying and teaching yoga, an experience that also informed my interest in Taoist practices.

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