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Movits! - Out of My Head

Movits! Out of My Head album cover art

Movits! - Out of My Head

Movits!' Out of My Head is due April 5th with a mix of Swedish jazz and hip hop.

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Movits! - Sammy Davis Jr.

Out Of My Head Tracklisting:

1. Vad Dom än Säger
2. Na Na Nah! (ft. Timbuktu)
3. Sammy Davis Jr.
4. I Andrahand
5. På Drift, Norrbotten (ft. Olle Nyman)
6. Marching Band?
7. One Take - Take One
8. 40 Bars
9. Kulturarbetarblues
10. Skjut Mig i Huvet
11. Huvudvärken (ft. Zacke)
12. Balaclavaboogie (ft. Timbuktu & Promoe)
13. Sammy Davis Jr. (Int.)

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