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Dr. Dre ~ Ice Cube ~ Ice T ~ Queen Latifah ~ Snoop Dogg ~ Tupac Shakur

wild style dvd starring grand master flash, fab 5 freddy, lee quinones

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Dr. Dre

Ice Cube

Ice T

Queen Latifah

Snoop Dogg

Tupac Shakur

About Hip Hop Movies

Hip Hop Movies offers links to websites with such content as hip hop movie reviews, background information and fan forums.

So what is a hip hop movie?

I'm sure everyone will have their own definition.  At Hip Hop Movies, hip hop movies will be defined as movies that do one of the following:

feature hip hop music in the sound track;

have a theme related to hip hop music or culture; or,

include hip hop artists in the cast.

However, in addition to feature films and documentaries, Hip Hop Movies will include related projects such as concerts on dvd and video.

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