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   Sunday, February 24, 2008
Hip Hop Album Releases for Feb. 26: El Chivo, Joe Budden, Lil' Zane, Pete Rock, Shawty Lo, Siah & Yeshua Dapoed, Webbie, Young Droop, Yukmouth

Webbie - Savage Life 2 cd

Webbie - Savage Life 2

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Pete Rock - NY's Finest cd

Pete Rock - NY's Finest

The following new releases are available from Amazon.

Black Walt - 55th Street Legend
EDO.G & Da Bulldogs - Life of a Kid in the Ghetto: Rarities and Demos
El Chivo - Cicatrices
Havoc - The Kush: Instrumentals
Joe Budden - Mood Muzik 3: The Album
Large Professor - Beatz, Vol. 2
Lil' Zane - The Return
OG Ron C - F-Action 50: The Last F-Action
Pete Rock - NY's Finest

Shawty Lo - Units in the City cd

Shawty Lo - Units in the City

Shawty Lo - Units in the City
Siah & Yeshua Dapoed - The Visualz [Deluxe Reissue]
Uncut Raw - First Toke
Webbie - Savage Life 2
Young Droop - King Me
Yukmouth - The City of Dope

For a database of upcoming and past releases with updates,
please see Hip Hop Albums @ netweed.

Davie Brown Celebrity Index: Obama Beats Clinton & McCain

[Press Release]

Celebrity Index: U.S. Consumers Find Obama More Appealing, Trustworthy Than Clinton, McCain

DALLAS, Feb. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- U.S. consumers rate Barack Obama as more appealing, trustworthy, and influential than other presidential candidates, including Hillary Clinton and John McCain, according to data released today by the Davie Brown Celebrity Index (DBI).

According to the DBI, an independent index typically used by brand marketers to determine a celebrity's ability to influence consumer purchase intent, Obama's scores in "appeal" are 15 points higher than those of Clinton and 12 points higher than McCain.

The Illinois Senator also scored 12 points better in the DBI's "trust" attribute than Clinton and McCain.

"In terms of appeal and trust, in the minds of U.S. consumers, comparing Obama to Clinton is like comparing Tom Hanks to Martha Stewart," said Jeff Chown, president of Davie Brown Talent, a Dallas-based agency that works with major brands to identify and sign celebrities for endorsement deals. "There's a big drop-off between how they're perceived when it comes to likeability and trustworthiness."

Of the DBI's eight key attributes, Clinton tops Obama in just one: Awareness. But just barely. According to the DBI, Clinton is known by more than 99 percent of U.S. consumers, while just less than 99 percent of consumers know Obama.

"That one's essentially a draw," said Chown.

But Obama outscores Clinton -- as well as Republican frontrunner McCain -- in the DBI's influence, endorsement, aspiration, trendsetter, and breakthrough categories.

"Barack's influence scores on the DBI are on par with celebrities such as Jay Leno, Jack Nicholson, and Vince Vaughn," said Chown. "At the same time, in terms of influence, Hillary is in the same neighborhood as Willie Nelson, Candice Bergen, and Billy Joel."

Of the more than 1600 celebrities in the DBI database, Obama currently ranks third overall. Clinton is eighth overall, while Republicans McCain and Mike Huckabee come in at 20 and 74, respectively.

Oprah Winfrey, a strong Obama supporter, currently ranks first in the DBI.

Press Contact: Chris Anderson
The Marketing Arm

Source: Davie Brown Talent

Web site: http://www.themarketingarm.com/

The Publishing Industry is Shady: Maxim Fakes Review

[The following press release isn't about hip hop but it is about some of the shady nonsense entertainment publishers are willing to pull when they think there's money to be made.]

Black Crowes Management Exposes Fabricated Album Review in Maxim

NEW YORK, Feb. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Missy Callazzo, SILVER ARROW RECORDS: How is it that a magazine can review an entire album -- and assign a star rating to it -- without actually hearing the album?

Case in point: the "review" of Warpaint -- the new album by THE BLACK CROWES -- in the March issue of Maxim magazine. The writer -- who has not heard the album since advance CDs were not made available -- wrote what appears to be a disparaging assessment anyway, citing "it hasn't left Chris Robinson and the gang much room for growth."

Incredulously, the magazine gave the album a two and a half star rating -- although neither the writer nor the editor could have heard more than one song (the single "Goodbye Daughters of the Revolution").

When approached for an explanation, the magazine described the review as "an educated guess preview." Huh?

Black Crowes manager Pete Angelus says, "Maxim's actions seem to completely lack journalistic integrity and intentionally mislead their readership. When confronted with the fact that they never heard the album they are claiming to 'review' in their music section -- with a star rating, no less -- they attempt to explain that it was an 'educated guess.' In an email correspondence, Maxim went on to state: 'Of course, we always prefer to (sic) hearing music, but sometimes there are big albums that we don't want to ignore that aren't available to hear, which is what happened with the Crowes. It's either an educated guess preview or no coverage at all, so in this case we chose the former.'"

Angelus continued, "It speaks directly to the lack of the publication's credibility. In my opinion, it's a disgrace to the arts, journalism, critics, the publication itself and the public. What's next -- Maxim's concert reviews of shows they never attended, book reviews of books never read and film reviews of films never seen?"

Press Contact: Missi Callazzo

   Wednesday, February 20, 2008
Tank Releases Official Statement Regarding Police Brutality Incident in New Orleans


(Los Angeles , CA) February 20, 2008 - Grammy nominated R&B artist Tank (Durrell Babbs) was a victim of police brutality in New Orleans on Sunday, February 17, 2008. The incident is under investigation and more detailed information is forthcoming.

Around 1:30 am on Sunday night a cheerful Tank departed from The House of Blues in search for his driver. Unfamiliar with the area of New Orleans, the Los Angeles resident asked security for directions to Iberville; where his driver was parked. Tank and a business associate, Ira Dewitt, followed the directions given. Briskly walking down the cold streets, Tank proceeded to turn the corner as directed by the previous officer. As he identified the whereabouts of his car he was halted by a New Orleans Police Officer who demanded he turn around and go a different direction to get to his car.

In an attempt to gain understanding and calm the tension, Tank assured the officer that they were not a threat; they only wanted to get to the car. With the vehicle in plain sight and one block away, Tank attempted to negotiate clearance for him and his business colleague to quickly walk to their driver. A snappy black Police officer told Tank he didn't owe him any explanation and that he made himself clear.

In an effort to find an alternate route to get to the vehicle, three white officers re-approached Tank questioning his actions. In disbelief, Tank asked them to explain in detail what they wanted. He was immediately pushed up against the wall with one arm on the wall and one arm bent behind his back, being held by the white officer, an aggravated officer repeatedly asked for Tank to put his other arm up on the wall as well. Repeatedly Tank told the officer he could not release his other arm pinned behind his back. The officer then proceeded to shoot Tank at point blank range with a taser gun. Thrust to the ground with pain, the officers warned Tank to never mess with the law in New Orleans.

Tank was taken to the University Hospital ; after being discharged the victim was immediately then taken to jail by the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) and charged with disturbing the peace, public drunkenness and resisting and obstructing an officer. "Tank has engaged the services of the Law Office of Bernard L. Charbonnet, Jr. in connection with the incident that occurred in New Orleans during the most recent NBA All Star activities. As this matter is currently under investigation, we are unable to comment as to the circumstances surrounding this representation at this time. However, my firm intends to vigorously protect his interest as we do for all of our clients," confirmed Attorney Benard Charbonnet.

In an effort to celebrate the rebuilding efforts of New Orleans and join the annual celebration of NBA All-Star, this was the last thing the R&B star expected. "The most frustrating part of the entire incident is knowing that I did not do anything to pose a threat but was treated like a criminal. With a clean-cut image and a lady by my side, the law took matters into their own hands and chose to endanger my safety and those accompanying me. It's 2008 and New Orleans is still very much in trouble beyond the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I'm a living witness," says a disgruntle Tank.

Tank is most recognized for his success as a singer and songwriter landing collaborative working credits with artists such as Jamie Foxx, Omarion, Marques Houston and a contributor to the score of "Dreamgirls" in which he also had a cameo.

For More Information Contact: ECHOING SOUNDZ | 818.787.7633

Echo Hattix | echohattix@echoingsoundz.com
Arica Adams | Hazeleyez@echoingsoundz.com

   Sunday, February 17, 2008
Hip Hop Album Releases for Feb. 19: Akrobatik, American Gangster Score, DJ Clay, Jim Jones & Dame Dash, KRS-One, Lil Flip, Nikolay & Kay, Pastor Troy

Jim Jones - Harlem's American Gangster [Hosted by Dame Dash] mixtape cd

Jim Jones - Harlem's American Gangster [Hosted by Dame Dash]

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Marc Streitenfeld - American Gangster [Score] cd

Marc Streitenfeld - American Gangster [Score]

The following new releases are available from Amazon.

Akrobatik - Absolute Value
Best of Hi Power 2008
The Best of Thizz Nation, Vol. 2
Big Noyd - Big Noyd
C Stone & Big Duce - G.R.I.T.S.: Getting Rich in the South
Deep in the Game: The Slapulation [Reissue]
DJ Clay - Let 'Em Bleed the Mixxtape
Equipto - On My Down Time
J-Diggs - J-Diggs.com
Jim Jones - Harlem's American Gangster [Hosted by Dame Dash]
KRS-One - Adventures in Emceein
Krushadelic - Ghost Rider
Lil Flip - Around Da World In 1 Day [Soundtrack & DVD]
Marc Streitenfeld - American Gangster [Score]
Nicolay & Kay - Time:Line
Nocturnal Hustlers - Til' Sunrise
Pastor Troy - Attitude Adjuster
Stomper - Unreleased Kuts
Sumthin Terrible - U Stupid

For a database of upcoming and past releases with updates,
please see Hip Hop Albums @ netweed.

   Wednesday, February 13, 2008
Prairie View Student Government Association and Black Youth Vote! announce a march and rally to protect students' right to vote

Press Release: DATE: Feb. 13, 2008

Prairie View, TX - As the historic turnout among young voters continues to have a major impact on an election that marks a turning point in America, students at Prairie View A&M University faced with the age-old problem of fighting for their right to vote, are planning a march and rally February 19, 2008 to protest ongoing student voting disfranchisement in Waller County Texas.

During a press conference held Tuesday in Houston, PVAMU Student Government Association, Black Youth Vote! (BYV!) Texas, and a host of local community leaders appealed to students across the country to assist in their plight by joining them for a the March for Voting Justice, or by sending a letter to the Department of Justice to support their efforts. Officials at the Historically Black University have already agreed to excuse the 8000-plus student body to participate in the march, which will be held on the first day of early voting.

According to Waller County Judge DeWayne Charleston, recently the Waller County Commission decided to eliminate six early voting locations in the county including the one adjacent to campus requiring PVAMU students to drive or walk 7.3 miles to vote in Hempstead, a nearby town. Waller County covers 525 square miles and has but a single polling site for early voting this year.

"Without a doubt, the change makes voting more difficult for the PVAMU students", Judge Charleston said.

On January 25, 2008 the Lawyers Committee on Civil Rights sent a in a letter to the DOJ stating, "The elimination of temporary early voting sites, combined with the history of early voting by minority voters at the temporary sites such as Prairie View and Brookshire, and the difficulty that many minority voters will have in getting to Hempstead, unquestionably places minority voters in a worse position and thus is retrogressive. In addition, this change was motivated, at least in part, by a discriminatory purpose."

According to Charleston, just yesterday Waller County Commissioner's Court received a letter from DOJ requesting a detailed list of items. Waller County called an emergency meeting for the county to respond to the letter. The results of that meeting are not known. The DOJ letter says there will be a "sixty day review period for the proposed early voting changes."

"Early voting in Texas starts on Feb. 19," says Christina Sanders, Black Youth Vote! Texas coordinator. "The students don't have sixty days to wait for a response so we are going forward with the march to keep the pressure on the DOJ."

Waller County has a long history of voting discrimination and a "continued failure of elected officials to work with the minority community to remedy past problems," the LCCR letter states. Most recently, in 2004, an estimated 5,000 students marched seven miles from campus to the Waller Country Courthouse to demand the right to vote without intimation, and to ask the State of Texas to intervene in the matter. In the 2006 election, hundreds of newly registered students were turned away from the polls and forced to vote with provisional ballots because their names were never added to the Waller County voter registration rolls.

Melanie L. Campbell, executive director and CEO of the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation (NCBCP) commented, "The continuous problems in Waller County Texas clearly demonstrate that protecting voters' rights and making sure votes get counted will play an important role in the 2008 election cycle. Protecting our vote is a crucial component of the NCBCP's Unity '08 Voter Empowerment Campaign."

Campbell adds, "The primary mission of the National Coalition is to increase voter participation, so this is an exciting time for our organization. Young people across the country are on fire about this election. They want to be a part of history. The students at Prairie View have a right to be a part of that process without intimidation or discrimination."

The March and Rally is sponsored by the PVAMU Student Government Association and Black Youth Vote! Texas. The NCBCP's Black Youth Vote! (www.ncbcp.org/byv) was founded in 1996 to focus on increasing political and civic involvement among Black men and women aged 18-35. The youth led organization educates young adults about the political process and trains them to identify issues and influence public policy through participation. Based in Washington, DC with 12 state affiliates, BYV! has been instrumental reversing the downward spiral among young voters and educating voters who are increasingly disenfranchised from the electoral and legislative process.

To participate in the PVAMU March to Vote contact Black Youth Vote Texas at (713) 899-0737. To send a letter to the DOJ and for more information visit www.ncbcp.org.


NOTE: Judge Charleston, Christina Sanders, Melanie Campbell, and students are available for interview. Contact Edrea @ edmedia@dogonvillage.com or 818 613-9521.

Contact: Edrea Davis (818) 613-9521

Christina Sanders (713) 899-0737

   Monday, February 11, 2008
john.he.is for John McCain [Yes I Can Parody]

john.he.is for John McCain [Yes I Can Parody]

Via Notes from a Different Kitchen.

   Sunday, February 10, 2008
Hip Hop Album Releases for Feb. 12: Guru's Jazzmatazz, Chaundon, Blue Note Samples, Glockumentary, Kenny Segal, Mr. Thing, Sonic Sum

Gangsta Rap: The Glockumentary [Soundtrack] cd

Gangsta Rap: The Glockumentary [Soundtrack]

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Kenny Segal - Ken Can Cook cd

Kenny Segal - Ken Can Cook

The following new releases are available from Amazon.

The Best of Guru's Jazzmatazz
Boogie Down Productions - Criminal Minded [2 CD Deluxe Edition]
C-Blunt - Chill Hop
Chaundon - Carnage
DJ Screw And The Screwed Up Click Presents - Fallen Soldiers [3 CDs]
Droppin Science: Greatest Samples From The Blue Note Lab
Gangsta Rap: The Glockumentary [Soundtrack]
Kenny Segal - Ken Can Cook
Mantronix - Mantronix [Deluxe Edition]
Mr. Thing - Strange Breaks & Mr. Thing
Sonic Sum - Films

For a database of upcoming and past releases with updates,
please see Hip Hop Albums @ netweed.

   Monday, February 04, 2008
Hip Hop Bloggers Embrace will.i.am's Yes We Can Video for Barack Obama

will.i.am - Yes We Can

Almost every hip hop blogger I follow has posted this video featuring will.i.am and a wild cast of characters supporting Barack Obama but it showed up first in my world at The Rap Up.

Guess I better get on the Obama train so I can enjoy the party while it lasts.

I do believe we can put him in office and I will help.

But I also believe that Saint Obama will turn out to be human after all and that will be good for everyone.

Yet, seeing so many folks energized at this stage who would not normally be this involved, I think there's something really good here on which we can build.

And that's a very good thing.

Emmanuel Jal, Sudanese Child Soldier Turned Rapper, Tells Extraordinary Story on New Album, ''Warchild''

Press Release

Feature Documentary, Autobiography, In the Works

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Musician/songwriter/rapper Emmanuel Jal has one of the most extraordinary life-stories you'll ever hear, and has incorporated his experiences onto Warchild, his brand new album due out May 13, 2008 (Sonic360/Fontana/Universal). Warchild, recorded in London between 2006 and 2007, was mixed and additionally produced by Grammy winner Neal Pogue (Outkast, Talib Kweli, Stevie Wonder, TLC), and produced by UK-based writer/producer Roachie who co-wrote most of the 13 songs with Jal.

In addition, a full-length documentary on Jal's life, entitled "War Child," will have its world premiere on February 10 at the Berlin Film Festival, and his autobiography will be published by St. Martin's Press late this year.

Emmanuel Jal was born in war-torn Sudan, and while he doesn't know exactly when, he believes it was in the early 1980s. He was taken from his family home in 1987 when he was six or seven years old, and sent to fight with the rebel army in Sudan's bloody civil war. For nearly five years, he was a "child warrior," put into battle carrying an AK-47 that was taller than he was. By the time he was 13, he was a veteran of two civil wars and had seen hundreds of his fellow child soldiers reduced to taking unspeakable measures as they struggled to survive on the killing fields of Southern Sudan. After a series of harrowing events, he was rescued by a British aid worker who smuggled him into Nairobi to raise him as her own. To help ease the pain of what he had experienced, Emmanuel started singing. In 2005, he released his first album, Gua ("peace" in his native Nuer tongue), with the title track broadcast across Africa over the BBC and becoming a number one hit in Kenya. Gua also earned him a spot on Bob Geldof's "Live 8" concert in the U.K.

The inspirations for the 13 songs on Warchild are rooted in Jal's impossible past. In "Forced to Sin," Jal recounts, "I lived with an AK-47/By my side/Slept with one eye open wide/Run/Duck/Play dead." His love and loyalty for his homeland of Sudan shines in "Stronger" - "I pledge allegiance/To My Motherland/That I'll do everything possible/To make a stand/Yes I can." Jal pleads with rapper 50 Cent on "50 Cent" to be a better role model for his young fans: "You have done enough damage selling crack cocaine/now you got a kill a black man video game/We have lost a whole generation through this lifestyle/now you want to put it in the game for a little child to play..." From the CD's title track, "I'm a war child/I believe I've survived for a reason/to tell my story/to touch lives." And, "Emma," the album's closer, is a heartbreaking tribute to Emma McCune, the "angel" who rescued Emmanuel. McCune, who died in 1993 in a car accident in Nairobi, was the subject of a book, "Emma's War," by Deborah Scroggins, and producer Tony Scott ("The Assassination of Jesse James," "Top Gun") is in pre-production on a film based on the book. "This one goes to Emma McCune/Angel to the rescue one afternoon/I'm here because you rescued me/I'm proud to carry your legacy/Thank you/Bless you R I Peace."

Prior to the recording of Warchild, Emmanuel's music has been heard alongside Coldplay, Gorillaz, and Radiohead on the fundraising album Warchild - Help a Day in the Life, on John Lennon's Instant Karma: The Amnesty International Campaign to Save Darfur, on the TV series' "ER" "Out of Africa" episodes, and most recently in the feature film "Blood Diamond" that starred Leonardo DiCaprio.

Jal plans to support the release of Warchild with a tour of North America; details will be announced shortly. In addition, he frequently speaks on college campus about his experiences in an effort to raise awareness of and halt the inhumane treatment of children in Sudan. "I believe I've survived for a reason," says Jal in Warchild. "To tell my story, to touch lives."


Heidi Ellen Robinson Fitzgerald, 818-591-1166

   Sunday, February 03, 2008
Hip Hop Album Releases for Feb. 5: Afroman, Bone Brothers, Dead Prez, Kool G Rap, Salt-N-Pepa, Step Up 2 The Streets

Kool G Rap - Half A Klip cd

Kool G Rap - Half A Klip

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The following new releases are available from Amazon.

Afroman - Waiting to Inhale
The Best of Salt-N-Pepa - Millennium Collection [Original Remastered]
Bizzy Bone & Layzie Bone - Bone Brothers III: Bone Thugs-N-Harmony 4 Life
Dead Prez - Live in San Francisco
DJ Modesty [Hosted & Mixed] - Kings From Queens
Fabri Fibra - Bugiardo [Import]
Kool G Rap - Half A Klip
Mac Dre Presents - Starters In The Game
Soundtrack - Step Up 2 The Streets

For a database of upcoming and past releases with updates,
please see Hip Hop Albums @ netweed.