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Calling all Kids to "Stir it up"

New Orleans, LA (PRWEB) April 11, 2005 -- Ever wonder what it would sound like if the Beastie Boys jammed with Mr. Rogers? You"ll find out when you hear the Imagination Movers, a rock/hip-hop group for parents and kids to enjoy together.

Following the release of their hit CDs "Calling All Movers" and "Good Ideas," the Imagination Movers will release their first music DVD, "Stir It Up," on April 19, 2005 for a suggested retail price of $14.99. The 40-minute DVD is recommended for ages two and older and encourages kids to get up off the sofa and rock "n" roll to the lively and innovative music.

Produced by Imagination Movers and Perception Films, "Stir It Up" is an exciting new concept in kids music that presents a collection of MTV-style music videos, live performances, and goofy skits from a group of four dads who jam on guitars, bang on buckets and cans, and teach kids a variety of interactive, fun dances and sing-along songs.

"Stir It Up" demonstrates that, when it comes to blending the merits of Mr. Rogers and the Beastie Boys, nobody does it better than the Movers! Together, the Imagination Movers have become a national, award-winning performance sensation thanks to their masterful combination of radio-friendly songs, kid-appropriate themes and dynamic live shows.

The Imagination Movers are Rich, Scott, Dave and "Smitty." Dressed in their trademark blue coveralls and working in their Idea Warehouse, the Movers get kids leaping, sliding, hopping, stomping, strumming, drumming and rapping to 15 of their original, high-energy songs. The Movers sing about subjects and activities that are relevant to kids and they wrap lessons and values into a fresh, invitingly interactive package.

In "Clean My Room," the Movers turn ordinary chores into fantastic games: "Gonna put all my toys away/so I can have room to play/at first it seems like a lot/but if you break it all down, you know that it"s not."

"My Favorite Snack" inspires kids to enjoy healthy snacks: "My favorite snack is fruit fresh and cool/I love it in the morning, even better after school."

The Movers teach the basics of good behavior in "Please and Thank You:" "I cannot guarantee/you"re gonna get everything you like/but your chances are so much better/so much better when you ask polite."

"Stir It Up" DVD includes the Movers hit "I Want My Mommy," a number-one hit on XM Satellite Radio for eight straight weeks, and other tunes encouraging life lessons: good oral hygiene ("Toothache"), how the body can become the ultimate musical instrument ("Junk"), and how taking medicine can be fun ("Medicine Song"). "Recipe (Stir It Up)" is a surefire antidote to boredom and "Calling All Movers" gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at pre-concert activity.

The band has also released two smash CDs: Good Ideas, which received the Best Recording for Younger Children and Parent"s Choice Recommended awards in 2003; and Calling All Movers, recipient of the 2004 National Association of Parenting Publications Honors award.

The Movers will release a new DVD and another musical CD this fall. They are currently touring around the country bringing their lively show to kids and families everywhere.

The Imagination Movers" "Stir It Up" DVD and their award-winning music CDs can be ordered by calling 1-877-25MOVER (1-877-256-6837). Visit .

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