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H3 + M4 = 100 Canadian Hip Hop Stores! 'H3' Peters and 'J Niice' McNeil Pop HipHopSodaShops First International Sale

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 8, 2005--Halls of HipHop, Inc. has announced the signing of its first Master Franchise Agreement that calls for M-Four International to open a minimum of 100 HipHopSodaShops throughout Canada over the next three years. M-Four International has already started discussions with several of Canada's most prominent recording artists to participate in H3's store openings across the country. M-Four is also pleased to welcome Scott Boogie, a top Canadian Hip Hop personality who has agreed to sign on, as well as Michel de Montigny, a well-known producer and songwriter in the French world of entertainment. "H3" will be holding a press conference next week in Times Square to make a "major public announcement" and to unveil its Canadian and American "Dream Teams".

HipHopSodaShops feature the healthiest menu combos in the food industry including H3Raps, a delicious line of wraps with a distinct Hip Hop theme, containing 80% fewer carbs than competing subs or sandwiches, and H3WhiteTea, a unique line of great tasting sodas, teas, lemonades, and energy drinks containing rare, organic white teas sweetened with pure chicory syrup, and boasting 5 times the healing and overall health benefits found in a 20 oz. bottle of Green Tea. H3 is currently negotiating with some of Hip Hop's brightest stars to launch its "Good to Guzzle" campaign for H3WhiteTea.

M-Four International, North America's most comprehensive franchise, licensing, and marketing organization, has served more than 60 franchise companies in Canada, Mexico, the Far East, Europe and America over the past 25 years. In addition to H3's Master Franchising Program, M-Four International will also initiate an aggressive franchise campaign to "convert" existing fast food service chains to HipHopSodaShops.

"When a show runs down, you don't change the theater, you change the show," said Martin Greenspon, President of M-Four International, "and right now we've got the hottest show on earth." H3 can quickly and affordably give fast food chains a "total makeover", offering brand name awareness and recognition by targeting the dominant, fastest growing cultural lifestyle, its music and its clothing and merchandising trends. H3 is also the first franchise to feature competitive CyberSports both in-store and online, including daily prizes culminating in multi-million dollar tournaments, as well as other revolutionary marketing strategies that will totally electrify its customers.

"The Hip Hop culture is enjoying remarkable success in Canada," said Brian "H3" Peters, President and co-founder of H3 Enterprises. "The astounding growth experienced in music sales, TV and radio ratings, merchandising, and concert and event attendance, are all indicators of an extremely lucrative market."
M-Four International
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LGS (for Halls of HipHop)
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