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H3's Canadian Connection Working to Perfection

HipHopSodaShops Making Converts Across Canada Symbol: FCTN.PK

NEW YORK, April 20 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- M-Four International of Quebec today announced that negotiations are well under way with several well known Canadian foodservice chains to convert existing locations to H3's HipHopSodaShops under a 100 unit Master Franchise Agreement recently signed between M-Four and H3. H3Enterprises (formerly Halls of HipHop) signed a Purchase Agreement on Monday with FransAction, Inc. and is now the first publicly traded company ("FCTN") dedicated exclusively to the Hip Hop culture and community. Details of M-Four's Canadian activities will be discussed at H3's Times Square press conference.

HipHopSodaShops offer the healthiest menu combos in fast food including H3Raps (80% fewer carbs than subs or sandwiches), and H3WhiteTea, an exclusive line of great tasting sodas, teas, lemonades, and energy drinks containing organic White Tea, with 5 times the anti-oxidants and health benefits found in a 20 oz. serving of Green Tea. H3 is also the first franchise to feature competitive CyberSports, both in-store and online, offering daily prizes and culminating with H3'sWorldSeries of CyberSports, the Las Vegas tournament that creates instant millionaires of winners in every major category.

M-Four International, North America's most comprehensive franchise, licensing, and marketing organization, has served more than 60 North American franchise companies over the past 25 years. M-Four is already in discussions with several of Canada's most prominent recording artists and Hip Hop personalities to facilitate H3's store openings. "We are pleased to welcome Scott Boogie, a top Canadian Hip Hop personality who has become part of the H3 team, as well as Michel de Montigny, who is extremely well known in the French world of entertainment as one of its top producers and songwriters," said Martin Greenspon, President of M-Four.

"When a show runs down, you don't change the theater, you change the show," continued Greenspon, "and right now we've got the hottest show on earth." H3 can quickly and affordably give fast food chains a 'total makeover', offering brand name awareness and recognition by targeting the dominant, fastest growing cultural lifestyle, its music, clothing and merchandise. M-Four has also structured a "Limited Partnership" program which will accommodate the investments of a number of U.S. and Canadian sports celebrities.

Simmons Lathan Media Group (SLMG) estimates that 45.3 million consumers are now spending $12.6 billion a year on Hip Hop media and merchandise worldwide. Increases in almost all categories have exceeded 100% compounded annually over the last 10 years, far surpassing even the headiest growth rates sustained by the personal computer. SLMG also states that "Approximately 80% of Hip Hop spending comes from whites in the 13-35 age group, with a total spending power of over $1 trillion."

"The Hip Hop culture is enjoying remarkable success in Canada," said Brian "H3" Peters, President and co-founder of H3. "The astounding growth experienced in music sales, TV and radio ratings, merchandising, and concert and event attendance, are all indicators of an extremely lucrative market."

H3 is the owner, creator, licensor, and franchiser of Halls of HipHop, HipHopSodaShops, H3Raps, H3WhiteTea, H3CyberSports, H3Merchandise, and H30 ( .

Source: M-Four International

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